Wednesday, August 29, 2012

More Bikers? Yes!

Hey guys! Get ready for some great news! Remember the new biker series I told you about? The Ghost Riders? The first book, Ride with the Wind, is available NOW for pre-order! It comes out officially on September 7th ;-) Excited? You should be! Just in case the word "biker" isn't incentive enough, check out the description below! Let me know what you love about bikers and give me some feedback on my books by emailing me at :-)

Ride with the Wind

Raven is running for her life from an ex-fiancĂ© who wants to keep his extracurricular activities a secret. She finds safety and comfort in the home of Reese and Dominic, the leaders of a biker gang. While she knows that living with them is only temporary, she can’t help falling in love with them. Reese and Dominic want their relationship to be permanent, but convincing her will have to wait until they can free her of her past.
When Raven goes missing, they don’t know for sure who is responsible—the new gang in town, an old rival, or her ex. They have to turn to an unlikely source for help before it’s too late.
Once she is free to return to her former life, will she choose to remain with Reese and Dominic, or will she leave and try to start over? She loves them, but they’re bikers, and bikers don’t settle down with just one woman.

Friday, August 24, 2012

Excerpt Anyone?

Hey guys! I thought I'd give you a little taste of "Beth's Little Secret" ;-) Here's the link to buy it: If you've already read it, let me know what you think! Email me at or send me a message on my Facebook page . Be sure to follow me on Twitter as well @MarlaMonroe1 :-)

“I think I’m going to take a bath before I eat. I’ll be back downstairs in a little while.” She saved her work and closed down the computer before heading for the stairs.
She didn’t think she could deal with much more. Between the men pressing her and the stalker, she felt like she was losing her sense of self. How could she resist them while she was staying with them? They would smother her and try to change her. She didn’t want to change. She liked her life like it was. Sure, she missed some of the camaraderie of friends, but her writing never let her down. It was always there when she needed it.
She was sure a psychiatrist would have a field day with her mental processes. She was hiding, and she knew it. It worked, though. She managed to get by just fine. She was her own boss and could do what she wanted. Yeah, sometimes she had a hard time making decisions about big things, but for the most part, she was fine.
Beth climbed the stairs and walked into the bathroom before she realized that Mason was following her. She turned around and glared at him.
“I didn’t invite you.”
“I’m going to take a shower. I won’t bother you. I’ve been up since five this morning. I need a shower.” He started undressing.
Without giving him a second look, she turned her back and started the water in the tub. She waited until he was in the shower before she undressed and slipped into the water. She hoped he had cold water for his shower. It would serve him right. He could have taken one in the bathroom down the hall. She quickly bathed in hopes of finishing before he did, but about the time she stood up to get out of the tub, he was stepping out of the shower. They stared at each other.
“Get dried off, baby, before you catch cold.” He sighed and grabbed a towel.
He turned his back to her as he dried off. She realized he was trying to give her some privacy. It went against everything she’d been building up about him being manipulative and demanding. How could she hold a grudge when he did something like that? Maybe he had just needed a shower.
Maybe she was reading into it all too much. They might just want a fling, and she was putting forever into it and balking at the idea of living a D/s lifestyle. There were plenty of them in Riverbend. She knew they were into that. And she wasn’t anymore. They would want someone to live the life twenty-four-seven. She wasn’t that woman. She’d never wanted to do that. It was one of the things she’d had a problem with Master James and Master Williams’s offer. She just didn’t want that sort of life.
Once she had her clothes back on, Mason walked out of the bathroom with his lower body wrapped in a towel. It didn’t hide the obvious erection that tented the towel. She quickly averted her eyes, but not before Mason smiled at her. Then he turned away and walked down the hall toward his bedroom.
Beth hurried downstairs to the relative safety of her computer. There she could do anything she wanted and be anyone she wanted to be. It was never permanent, and there was always a “happy ever after” in it.

Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Back from Cowboy Heaven

Hey guys! I had an unbelievable time at TRC 2012 in Dallas! I enjoyed meeting all of my fellow Siren authors and especially all of you wonderful readers :-) the Cowboy Dance Hall was an eye-opening experience- between watching all of those delicious cowboys strutting their stuff on the dance floor and watching the mechanical bull rides, I was in cowgirl heaven! ;-) Imagine my surprise when a crowd of bikers settled at the table next to us. ;-)

I'm in the middle of final edits for my new biker series, The Ghost Riders, and will post a tidbit from the first book, Ride with the Wind, as soon as I finish. :-) The second book, Between a Rock and a Hard Place, is already going strong. That's all for now. Be sure to check out my Facebook page for more information on a daily basis and don't forget my website !

Sunday, August 12, 2012

More River Bend!

Hey guys! I'm writing another River Bend book! :-D The characters this time are Lana, Ray, and Justin. When Lana falls prey to a serial killer, but escapes, Ray and Justin take her home to keep her safe. As you can imagine, things get pretty steamy from there. ;-) I haven't come up with a title yet- perhaps you guys can give me some ideas? :-)

Friday, August 3, 2012

Convention Soon!!

Hey guys! I'm so excited about this upcoming Siren-Bookstrand Convention! It's in Dallas, TX from August 17-18. I'll be on a few panels! :-D It's going to be so much fun! I hope you guys will come out and see me ;-) I've heard we're supposedly signing books as well, but don't take my word on that! Check out the convention here: