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A Teaser From Their Border Lands Refuge

Here you go all my good little boys and girls. Here is a glimpse of Their Border Lands Refuge to get you started. I'll post another juicier excerpt later this afternoon. Remember, you can always contact me at Marla Mail   Don't forget my website at Marla Website 

Skyler looked over at Owen, her best friend and lover, as they drove down the deserted highway toward the mountains of what had used to be Montana before the year of catastrophes. Now it was a wild, untamed land full of good and evil. Mostly evil as far as she was concerned. Once the tornadoes, fires, tsunamis, earthquakes, and diseases had wiped out most of the population of the world, those who were left survived the best they could.
Some managed to hang on to their humanity, but many shed it like a snake skin and preyed on the weak. Since women were scarce in this new world they were living in, they were often bartered and sold like cattle. In the eastern part of the states, black market traders kidnapped women to auction them off to the highest bidder. If you found yourself in their hands, your fate was sure to be bleak. Many women found themselves in brothels that sprang up all over.
She and Owen had managed fairly well living in one of the ruined cities of the east, but things had changed. More traders appeared, making it impossible for a women to be left alone while their men worked to put food on the table. Skyler had narrowly escaped capture by traders on two occasions and spent a good part of the day when Owen was working, hiding in the basement. It was no way to live, and Owen had gotten fed up with everything one day when he arrived home to find men ransacking the house looking for things to sell.
He had gone out the next day and returned with a travel trailer. They packed up what was left of their belongings and headed for the Border Lands. He was convinced they would fare better there than in the city. She knew it was for the best, but his plans scared her. She didn’t know if she could go through with them.
“You’re quiet over there, Skyler. What are you brooding about?”
“Nothing. Just wondering where we’ll end up.”
He let out a long breath and gripped the steering wheel tighter. His knuckles turned white. He knew what she was thinking about. She couldn’t help but worry about it. What he planned wasn’t normal.
“Sky, baby. Everything will work out fine. Just relax for now. It won’t change anything by worrying over it.”
“I can’t stop thinking about it, Owen. You’re talking about sharing me with a complete stranger.”
“He isn’t exactly a complete stranger. I’ve been writing to him for several months.”
“You’ve never met him, Owen. Writing to him doesn’t mean he’s a decent man.” She leaned her head back against the seat and closed her eyes.
She knew Owen was only doing what he thought was best, but she couldn’t help but be worried about it. Just because he’d heard that it worked out west didn’t mean it was true. Owen had been researching the possibilities for months before the day he had come home to find the men tearing apart their house. It had been the last straw for him. When he came back with the travel trailer, Skyler knew that he had made up his mind. Now she would have to live with it. Could she willingly give herself to another man in order to be safe? She just didn’t know.
Several hours later, Owen pulled off the barren road and pulled out a map she hadn’t known about.
“Where did you get that?”
“I bought it off one of the supply trucks that came through.”
“And you trust it?”
“Skyler. Don’t start.” Owen returned to looking over the map before folding it back up and pulling out on the road again.
Less than thirty minutes later, he turned off the road onto another road, following it until he reached a four-way stop. He turned left and continued down that road another four or five miles before turning right. This road wasn’t in as good a shape as the previous ones. Skyler couldn’t help but wonder if he knew where he was going. She loved him with all of her heart, but times like this, she wasn’t too sure she liked him. She was positive he was getting them lost.
Finally, he stopped at the end of a drive and looked over at her. She could tell by the expression on his face that she wasn’t going to like what she was about to hear.
“We’re here, Skyler.”
“Where is here?” She looked around but only saw tall dying grass and a gravel road ahead of them.
“It’s going to be our new home. This is where Simon lives.”
“I don’t see anything but grass and gravel.” She didn’t look at him because she didn’t want him to see the tears in her eyes.
Skyler felt betrayed. Never mind that Owen was doing what he thought was best for both of them, it still hurt that he would willingly share her with another mana stranger.
“The house is at the end of the drive. I need you to be strong, Skyler. I know this is hard for you. It’s hard for me, too. Do you think I want to admit that I can’t take care of you by myself anymore? This is killing me, but I don’t know what else to do.” Owen sounded close to tears himself.
Skyler swallowed down the bile creeping up her throat and looked over at the man she had fallen in love with nearly ten years ago. So much had happened in the last eight years. He looked almost gaunt now with all the stress he had been under. He looked much older than twenty-nine. At six feet two inches, he towered over her by a good eight or nine inches. His deep blue eyes and light brown hair that reached his collar made him a striking man to look at. There were lines etched into his face that shouldn’t have been there at his young age. He had obviously lost weight in the last couple of years from working so hard, and all the worry heaped on his broad shoulders.
She sighed and reached out for his hand. They were scarred and calloused from working in the cleanup crews in the city. Maybe having another man around would help remove some of the stress from his shoulders. Maybe he was right and everything would be okay. She had to put on a brave front for him. He didn’t need her hysterics along with everything else he was forced to deal with.
He clasped her hand in his, and pulled her closer for a gentle kiss. His lips brushed across hers before he straightened up in the seat and changed gears. They started up the gravel drive toward their new life. She could only hope the man waiting on them would be a good one.

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A Dirty Dozen Christmas Sneek Peek

How would you all like to read a short excerpt from the Christmas book for The Dirty Dozen? I'm having a ball writing it. The women are heading a charity and coming up against some resistance. Things are going to get rough before Santa Clause makes it on Christmas Eve.

Tina sighed as she stepped into the house. It was so quiet compared to Briana, Brandy, or Parker’s. She knew she was longing for a child, but did everything have to make her think about it? Zack and Cole walked in after her and the whole atmosphere changed. The very air seemed to become electricity charged with their energy. Her men were angry. Tina sighed.

“I don’t like it, Cole. That woman is going to cause trouble. I can feel it.” Zack closed the door behind them.

“There’s nothing we can do about it right now, Zack. I agree. I don’t trust her.” Cole walked over to the refrigerator and pulled out a bottle of water. He tossed one to Zack then held one up for her.

Tina shook her head. He closed the door and opened his bottle. After taking a few pulls of the water, he sighed. She knew he was thinking about what could be done to remedy the situation. There wasn’t anything he could do to fix it. They weren’t going to back away from their charity and the other women weren’t going to stop causing trouble.

“I don’t want Tina going anywhere alone while all of this is going on” Zack leaned back against the cabinets.

“Hey! I’m standing right here. I do have a say in these things.” Tina crossed her arms and glared at the two men.

“Not where you safety is concerned. We’ve talked about this before, Tina.”

“I’m not in any danger. These women are all talk and bluster. The worst thing that might happen is that they call us names. They’re too good to engage in anything like fighting or hair pulling.”

“Doesn’t matter. I’m not going to leave you unprotected. Live with it.” Zack pushed off from the cabinets and disappeared into the other room.

“Let him cool off, babe. It’ll all be okay.” Cole wrapped his arms around her and nuzzled her neck.

“You’re trying to distract me with sex, aren’t you.”

“Is it working?”

“Maybe.” Tina couldn’t help but smile.

Cole backed her up against the bar and nibbled on her lips before slipping his tongue inside her mouth. He licked every inch inside before sucking on her tongue. His hands weren’t still while he kissed her. They slipped beneath her sweater and massaged her back before one slipped between her waistband and skin to squeeze her ass cheek.

Tina moaned into his mouth as he rubbed his thick erection against her belly. There was no doubting what he had in mind. If only she could get Zack on board as well. She pushed back against Cole’s hard cock and wrapped her arms around his neck. He deepened the kiss, nipping at her lower lip before thrusting his tongue in and out of her mouth. She didn’t doubt for a second that she would have swollen lips when he finished with her.

“More,” she managed to get out around nips.

“I’ll give you more. Let’s take this to the bedroom.”

Cole growled then picked her up and carried her over his shoulder with one hand on her ass. As they passed through the den, Zack stood up from where he’d been sitting, flipping through channels on the TV. She caught a quick glance of his face as the anger slid into need and he followed them to the bedroom.

As soon as they entered the room, she heard the door slam behind them and Cole dropped her on the bed. Tina bounced once and immediately crawled to the other side. She slid off the bed and grinned at the two men.

“Strip, Tina.” Zack’s deep voice sent shivers down her spine.

“What if I want you to strip first?”

“Do it, babe. Now.” Cole walked around the end of the bed toward her.

Tina backed away until she felt Zack’s hard body behind her. When had he crawled over the bed and why hadn’t she noticed? He gripped her waist and leaned down to whisper in her ear. His hot breath sent tingles along her skin.

“You’re playing with fire.”

Cole reached her and slid his hands under her shirt before pulling it upward. He bent down and nibbled her other earlobe before jerking her shirt over her head. Tossing it to the floor, he reached for the front closure of her bra even as Zack’s hands reached lower to the button at her waist band. They quickly divulged her of the rest of her clothes before lowering her to the bed.

“Don’t move, Tina.” Cole’s raspy voice made her smile. He was hot and hard for her. Just the way she liked him.

One glance at Zack proved he was in no better shape. He jerked his shirt over his head with one hand and unfastened his jeans with the other without dropping his gaze from her. Nothing turned her on more than for her men to lose control with their need for her. She reclined on her elbows and slowly spread her legs wide so that they could see her wet pussy. She dipped one hand down her belly, pausing to flick her belly ring before drifting lower to slide one finger between her southern lips.

I know, I know. That's not nice to leave you hanging, but I love to tease. :-)   Don't forget my new book, Their Border Lands Refuge is on preorder and is offically out on the 5th of this month. As always, you can go to my website to see more and email me at Marla Monroe  I love hearing from you. I'll check in with you all later.

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New Border Lands!

Hey guys! Love my Border Lands series? Want more? You got it! The next book in the series, "Their Border Lands Refuge," is available for preorder now! It officially comes out on October 5, but preorder is available now for those of you who just can't wait ;-) if the fact that it's another Border Lands book doesn't get your interest perked, then try out the sexy cover and description ;-) give me some feedback at :-)


Owen loves Skyler so much he is willing to share her with Simon to keep her safe. Can Skyler love another man for Owen? She is confused and unsure even though she is attracted to Simon.
Simon can’t stop looking at Skyler and realizes he will do anything to keep her safe. He knows that the Border Lands with the wolves and the black market agents are just as dangerous as anywhere else. Watching over her becomes paramount, and falling in love with her is out of his hands.
Near tragedy almost claims the two most important people in Simon’s life, and he realizes that he doesn’t want to lose either of them. Will their love hold them together or pull them apart?
Skyler’s heart is torn between her lover Owen and the man he has invited into their bed to help keep her safe. How can she reconcile loving two men in her heart?

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Saturday Slugging It

What is it about a pretty day outside on a Saturday that makes me sluggish and not want to do anything? I just want to go out there and sit in a chair and watch the cars go by or watch my cats take naps in the sun. The weather is georgeous with plenty of sun but cooler temperatures so you don't sweat sitting there.

I'm working on The Dirty Dozen Christams book but keep glancing out the window and longing to go out there instead. Parker and Tina and the other women in the book are busy seduing their husbands to get them to agree to help them with their Christmas project. Just thinking about all those sexy men taking care of their women has me hot and bothered, but my research partners are busy right now. SIGH  Maybe later.

Maybe I need to make a trip to the gym to get some energy back in me so I can concentrate on writing and not on the pretty weather or how horny I am writing these hot scenes. Focus, Marla! Here is a small snippit of what Parker is doing right now.

                                                            A Dirty Dozen Christmas
Parker watched as little Addison slept in the crib. From her head full of golden curls to her tiny feet, she was perfect in every way. Sometimes it amazed her that that beautiful little girl had come from inside of her. Then she reminded herself that Addison was a part of the love she and her men felt for each other. She was perfect because she hadn’t stood a chance to be anything else.

She checked the baby monitor to be sure it was on before she turned to find her men. Tonight was the night she was going to seduce them into helping the woman of The Dirty Dozen with their Christmas project. She knew the other women were planning their seductions as well. Although she was sure they would all agree to help without the sneakiness, it added to the fun of the project. Parker couldn’t wait to get started.

Shane and Allen were watching TV in the den so she had time to grab a quick shower so she would be fresh and ready for them when she lured them upstairs. She had already spent the day with her friends at the local spa. She’d been pampered, waxed, and buffed to within an inch of her life. All that was left now was the outfit.

She quickly dried off and applied her favorite lotion. Then she pulled on a black leather bustier followed by stockings and her black leather and lace thong. She had turned down the freshly made bed and checked to be sure everything was easily available on the bedside table. Making sure the baby monitor was on and working, Parker drew in a deep breath and checked her appearance in the mirror one last time. Satisfied that everything was ready, she slipped on her four inch heels and eased down the stairs until she was within sight of the men.

They were still watching TV, each happily settled in their lounge chairs. She walked the rest of the way down the steps and sauntered into the den until she was standing in front of the TV. Both men lifted their eyebrows then looked at each other. Parker could see the questions in their eyes. Had they missed her birthday or some other special occasion? She would have laughed at their obvious confusion except she didn’t want to ruin the moment.

Both men slowly got up out of their recliners and stepped toward her. The lust in their eyes wasn’t hard to miss. Allen’s light blue eyes had darkened with his arousal. Shane’s dark eyes seemed deeper somehow. She shivered beneath their gazes as they looked her up and down before advancing on her.

“Baby, you look good enough to eat.” Shane walked around her, trailing his fingers along her bare shoulders.

“I can’t wait to taste her.” Allen stepped in front of her and leaned down to kiss her.

His lips sipped at hers before he deepened the kiss to one that had her head spinning. His mouth devoured hers in an almost painful move. He slipped his tongue inside and tasted every nook and cranny. The taste of him had her head spinning. Maybe it was lack of oxygen instead. She didn’t know which, but she had to cling to him to remain on her feet.

Then Shane’s hot, hard body pressed in behind her, grounding her in the process. He sandwiched her between the two of them, effectively trapping her in their heated seduction. She had to remind herself that she was seducing them and not let them turn the tables on her.

“Let’s move this upstairs.” Shane’s raspy voice betrayed how aroused he already was.

“Hell, yeah.” Allen picked her up and carried her up the stairs with Shane right behind them.

The moment they were in the bedroom, Allen lowered her feet to the floor. He kept one arm around her shoulders until she seemed steady on her feet. Then he trailed his fingers along her collarbone before following up with his lips and tongue. Parker shivered as he slowly licked his way up her neck to nip at her jaw.

Shane’s naked body pressed against her back. She hadn’t even realized he was undressing. The touch of his skin to hers heated her blood even as Allen continued his exploration of her neck and shoulders with his teeth and tongue.

“As much as I love this outfit, babe, it’s got to go.” Allen began unhooking the catches on the corset.

“The shoes stay.” Shane’s rough voice brooked no argument.

Parker stood between the two men as they slowly undressed her, trailing kisses down her body as they did. Soon she stood on her heels totally nude with both men staring at her through lust filled eyes. Shane moved her back toward the bed as Allen began to undress. She found that she couldn’t take her eyes off of him as he slowly pulled off his shirt, revealing broad muscular shoulders and a tight six pack. Her hands ached to run over his exposed skin.

Just as Allen unfastened the first button of his jeans, Shane sat her down on the bed, breaking her line of vision. His knowing grin told her that he was well aware of what he had done. He pushed her down until she was lying across the bed with her legs hanging off the edge. Then he slowly went to his knees between her legs and shouldered them wider until he had access to her weeping pussy.

Sorry, guys, that's all you get until next time. Stay tuned and I'll give you more to fuel your fantisies another time. See you later.

Marla Monroe          

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Insomnia From A Writer's Viewpoint

So here I am, awake and needing to be asleep. I have all these thoughts running around in my head and know that until I get them out on paper I won't be able to relax and get some Zs. Some of it is just crap that will end up in the garbage, but some of it is the beginnings of a new book. Slowly, as I get it all out, I get sleepy, but now I don't want to go to sleep because I'm on a roll.

What does it all mean? It means that I'm an author and I can't be satisfied no matter how much I get written or how clean it is, it's not enough. There can always be just a little more emotion in the scene or a little less redundancy. You can always find something wrong somewhere in every book. Still, you don't want it to be yours.

I'm writing on The Dirty Dozen's Christmas book but my mind is already on another book I want to work on. I feel like I'm not doing The Dirty Dozen justice by thinking about another WIP (work in progress). It feels a lot like cheating. Then what would all my books say if they knew that I keep at least two more books open on my computer at the same time I'm working on that one?

Yeah, I'm sleep deprived and need to give in and climb in bed. Things will seem different in the light of day after I get some sleep. Let's just hope it is enough sleep to do my writing justice. Until then, let me give you a hint of what is going on with The Dirty Dozen for Christmas.

The wives of the men have decided they want to support a charity for the holidays and need to figure out a way to raise money for their cause. When they decide that their men can help out with the plan, the women know they'll have to do some seducing to convince the twelve men to pitch in. Add in some spicy sex, some old fashioned loving, and a good cause, and you have the makings for a Dirty Dozen Christmas like you've never imagined.

Here are the books from the series       Brandy     The Bikers    Her Biker Bodyguards (MFM)    Their Biker Babe in Training (MFM)  Her Biker Boyfriends (MFM)    The Bikers and the Socialite (MFM)  If you haven't read them, check them out at either The Dirty Dozen books  on Amazon or at Siren Bookstrand

Don't forget my web page and my email is  I always love to hear from readers.

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Dirty Dozen Memories

Hey guys! As I sit here and write the Dirty Dozen Christmas Reunion book, it brings back my favorite memories about each book. I fell in love with each man as I wrote the series- hard not to, since I write them so sexy! ;-) lol. It really is nice to be able to look back on each book's memories and even more nice to be able to create a new memory to go along with the others. I hope all of you will enjoy reading it as much as I'm enjoying writing it. Any thoughts and feedback on any of my books is very much appreciated and I look forward to hearing from you! Email me at :-)

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Books Galore!

Hey guys! A lot of you have been asking about a reunion book for the Dirty Dozen. Well, guess what I'm working on now! That's right! A Dirty Dozen Christmas Reunion! The gals in the group are working on enlisting their mens' help with a Christmas project. Unfortunately, there are some scrooges out there who play "Grinch" on their plans. It's slated to come out December 21st, so you'll have a Christmas present to look forward to ;-)

Also, the first book in the Knights in Black Leather series will be out sometime in November of this year :-) it's entitled "Their Reluctant Submissive." Look for more information in an upcoming blog!

For all of you Sci-Fi fans, I'm working on the next book in the Men from Space Station One series. You can find more updates on what I'm working on by checking out my Facebook page

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New Books!

Hey guys! My newest book, “Ride with the Wind,” is out now! If you love hot, sexy bikers, this series is for you ;-) I’m almost finished with another book- it’s the first book in my other new series, Knights in Black Leather. It’s ménage with BDSM ;-) yummy yummy! Be sure to go get “Ride with the Wind” if you haven’t yet! Let me know what you guys think :-) email me at

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