Saturday, October 26, 2013

The Wrangler's of Bear Mountain A Sneek Peek

I promised to tell you a little about the new series. I based it on my trip to Montana back in September. Had a wonderful time. Pork chop is still on my mind. ;-)  Anyway, I don't have a title for the first book yet, but I will share the names of the first threesome.

Laredo and Laramie Marshall are twins who come home when their father has a massive stroke to try an save the family ranch. They've been overseas in the service for over ten years. Its' time for them to come home.

Billy Jean Simmons is from Kentucky and after finishing culinary school, is looking for a fulltime position as a chef. Unfortunately, some trouble she had in the past black listed her with all of the nice restaurants and hotels. She can flip burgers at a burger joint or work in a greasy spoon somewhere at a truck stop. Her dream of running her own kitchen didn't include slinging hash browns or dropping fries.

When she answers an add for a cook on a dude ranch all the way in Montana, Billy Jean expects to get the thanks but no thanks brush off there as well. To her surprise, they offer her the job. How is she going to be able to work there with the tiny little problem she has? Surely it won't interfere with her cooking. After all, a chef didn't cook in a barn full of horses, did she?

Here are a few pics to stir your interests. I know my um, interests were stirred. :-)

I'm all about the tall, dark, and handsome. Maybe another picture is in order...
 Or two.

Okay, back to writing. Have a good night you guys!


Thursday, October 24, 2013

Some New Book Info and A Call Out For Help

Okay, just to give you guys a peek at the first book in the new series based in Montana, the heroine has PTSD but it is from an event in her life that happened when she was a teenager. The heroes have to figure out how to overcome this boulder in their path to make her theirs. It's a big one, too.

So....I need some help now. I need votes on what to call my new series as I'm getting ready to finish it and send it to Siren.  Here are the options, please help me out guys!

1.  Montana Wranglers
2.  The Montana Wranglers of Bear Mountain
3.  The Wranglers of Bear Mountain

Okay, give me some help guys! As incentive, here are a few pics of hot cowboys. :-)

So put your thinking caps on and give me some help. Comment below. I'm stuck and on a deadline!


Monday, October 21, 2013

Double Duty Here!

First of all, I have a new book that is on pre-sale with Siren Bookstrand. Their Border Lands Destiny is book 11 of the Men of the Border Lands series.  You can read more about it here :

Next, I just have to share a few pictures from my amazing trip to Las Vegas for Hot Mojave Knights!
These are three of the Knights there
These are some of the authors dressed as one of the characters in their books. There were some awesome costumes there. I went as a biker lady!
 More on the authors...
More of the amazing Knights!
Here the poster they had made for one of my books. It looked wonderful! 
One of these three aren't like the other. LOL I think it is a transmitter for the airport that is close by and they disguised it to look like the other palm trees. What do you guys think?

This is from Hunk Mansion. I'm not telling who that was between his legs, but it wasn't me. We had a ball!
This guy was freaking amazing!
If you are all good naughty readers, I will post more later. Right now, I'm choosing a winner for my release from Friday for Everything's Better with Three.  And the winner is......Marie Brown. Congratulations, Marie! I'll have another one when my next book is released on Friday, November 1st!

Have a great rest of the week! I'll talk to you again soon




Friday, October 18, 2013

It's Out!! AND I'm in Las Vegas Baby!

Hi everyone,

Everything's Better with Three is live and ready to buy!  Be sure to check it out!  If you comment either on Facebook or here on my Blog, you could win a mug and some swag!

Not only that, but I'm in Las Vegas!  Sin City....  I'm at Hot Mojave Knights and today is registration. Tonight, we're going to Hunk Mansion to party!  Tomorrow there will be a book signing at 4pm and another one Sunday at 10am.  If you're in the area, come see us!  Here is the schedule

I can't wait to meet new readers and catch up with some friends! Give me a shout out folks! 


Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Marla Monroe: Leaving On a Jet Plane.....

Marla Monroe: Leaving On a Jet Plane.....: Wow! Can't believe it's already time to head out to Las Vegas for Hot Mojave Knights!   You've ...

Leaving On a Jet Plane.....

Wow! Can't believe it's already time to head out to Las Vegas for Hot Mojave Knights!  You've got to check it out. If you're in the area, please come by and see us. I'm signing books on Saturday at 4:00pm since I have to leave at the butt crack of dawn on Sunday.

There's going to be so much to do including some great panels. I'm on the BDSM and the Erotic Romance one. To make things even hotter, there will be cover models there!
Sir Scott Roahrig
Sir Scott Nova
 Sir Matthew Mitchel                                             
Sir Christian Peacore

You can still attend as a day visitor! Check out the website!

A la carte events for locals and day visitors

  • Friday night Meet'n Greet, Wine Tasting, Hunks Mansion - $60
  • Saturday day author events only - $30
  • Saturday evening Costume Ball/Banquet - $45
  • Saturday all day (includes costume ball/banquet) - $60
  • Sunday book signing - $30

I hope to see all of you there!!



Sunday, October 13, 2013

Hot Mojave Knights in Las Vegas

Hey everyone!
I'm going to be in Las Vegas at the Sunset Station Casino for an amazing reader's event, Hot Mojave Knights! There will be cover models, authors, and lots of fun and swag. If you're in the area, be sure to stop by and see me. I would love the chance to meet all of you who read my books. You guys ROCK my world!!

There's so much going on these days that I can't seem to keep it all straight. I'm working on so many projects and have so many more I want to work on. Right now I'm busy writing the first book in the Montana Wranglers series. I also am working on the fourth book in The Protector's series, Celestial Nights.

And, the second book in my wolf shifters series.

And, I'm working on a couple of workshops I will be giving in December in Tennessee. More on that later though.

Right now, if you're near, be sure and make plans to come see me in Las Vegas on Saturday for the book signing at 4pm at the Sunset Station Casino.

And don't forget that Everything's Better with Three is up for pre-sale now and will be released on October 18th!

Kayley Clayton has given up on Billy Wainwright and Craig Hayman ever noticing her. Nothing has budged them into taking her seriously.  Frustrated, she decides to cut loose and forget about them, but trouble lands her square in their laps.  
Billy and Craig didn’t think Kayley could handle two men like them. When she lands them all in jail, they start to question their decision to steer clear of her. Then she’s attacked and all bets are off. Kayley is theirs to protect.

Convincing Kayley that they are serious and are still planning to be around after the danger has past isn’t as easy as they thought it would be. She’s convinced the two men will get tired of bailing her out of trouble and leave her brokenhearted.

Can she learn to trust their pledge of love and loyalty? Will they overcome their anxiety that she can’t handle two rowdy mechanics and show her that everything’s better with three?
You can see more here and pre-order as well.

Talk to you all again soon!


Saturday, October 5, 2013

Congratulations to Amy Bowens!

She won my Release Day Give Away by leaving a comment either on my blog or my Face Book Page!  She will receive a Marla Mug complete with swag! Don't miss my next release that will be November 1st for Their Border Lands Destiny!

Woohoo Amy!
Marla Monroe

Thursday, October 3, 2013

One More Day!

Hey all my wonderful friends! One more day till Trusting Her Two Doms is out at Bookstrand. This is book three of my Knights in Black Leather series. It is a BDSM based series that explores the different avenues of the lifestyle from different views. Be sure to check it out!
Maximillian “Max” Dominguez and Sawyer Jernigan stop for coffee and find their perfect woman. The trouble is, they’re Doms who run the local BDSM club, and Taylor Rizzoli’s never tasted the forbidden pleasure of submission.

Max is willing to curb his dark desires for the chance to have her, but Sawyer believes she’s more than up for the challenges they’d have in store for her. They find out someone wants her gone and isn’t worried about how they remove her from the picture.

They are determined to uncover the plot to get rid of her and enlist their new friends to help. Can Taylor accept two men who arouse in her things she’d never have contemplated before meeting them, or will she shy away from what they have to offer? What happens when the threat is gone and it’s just the three of them and a dungeon full of toys?

On another note, I'll have a big announcement at the end of this month. Be sure and check back often for more information. I can't wait to share!

Marla Monroe