Tuesday, December 20, 2011

5 Days Until Christmas!

Hey guys! Big news! Not only is Christmas 5 days away (yay!) but I have two new books coming soon! "Her Biker Bodyguards" and "The Ranchers' Bride" will be available soon, so be looking forward to that! ;-) I can't wait until Christmas Eve- there's some chocolate syrup and a naughty Santa waiting for me under my tree ;-) Santa's definately going to be getting a special treat from me this year! ;-) Hope you guys have a Merry Christmas!

Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Almost Christmas!

Hey guys! Christmas is getting closer and I have a steamy hot new book to keep you guys warm and toasty ;-) it will be available December 16th, but it's available for pre-order now :-) check it out-

When Tess is attacked by a serial killer, Zack and Cole offer her their protection while they are riding on the road. They convince her to stay with them while she is recovering.
The guys are falling for her and think Tess, a travel nurse who works all over the United States, feels the same way, but she's insistent that her life is on the road. As part of a construction crew, Zack and Cole travel as well, but they would stick closer to home for her.
When the killer returns to finish what he started, it takes Zack and Cole working with the police to rescue her.
Tess thinks she loves the two men, but what about her life on the road? She is used to coming and going as she wants. Can the men convince her to stick around on a more permanent basis, and can Tess trade in her wanderlust for domestic tranquility?

I hope you guys enjoy it! Let me know what you think by emailing me at themarlamonroe@yahoo.com :-)

Tuesday, November 29, 2011

New Book Available Soon!

Hey guys! I have a new book coming out this week! It's titled "The Ranchers Take a Wife." Christmas is coming up, and this would make the perfect stocking stuffer ;-) It is the start of a new series, so I hope you guys enjoy it! Let me know what you think- email me at themarlamonroe@yahoo.com. Here's the delicious book cover and description ;-)

When Lacy arrives on Space Station One, she has to choose two men to be her husbands. She picks out Cam and Phillip and prays they will be able to make it work despite being perfect strangers. Phillip is easygoing and they bond quickly, but Cam seems a little uptight. She isn’t sure he likes her.
Lacy finds out that Cam had shown an interest in another of the women and is hurt. Should she forgive him? Or has he broken her trust as well as her heart? Cam has to prove he’s not stuck on anyone but Lacy.
Add to that the discovery of a strange creature leaving footprints around their place, and Cam is under a great deal of stress. Will he push Lacy further away, or will he share his worry with Phillip so the two of them can share the responsibilities and pleasures of taking care of Lacy?

Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Email Me!

Hey guys! I would love to hear from you guys and what you think about my books :-) send me an email at themarlamonroe@yahoo.com to let me know what you think. I have another book to share with you guys and I think you'll LOVE it! It's called "Their Border Lands Temptress" - here is the description to turn you on to it ;-)

After the year of catastrophes, Ronnie jumped at the offer of protection from a lifelong friend. When the safety he provided turned into abuse, she ran, vowing to take care of herself.
Ronnie doesn’t need a man, much less two, but Brice and Garrett think she’s pushing her luck by living in the Border Lands without a man to keep her safe. They are hell-bent on helping her, despite her claim that she doesn’t need them.
Brice and Garrett are more than able to take care of all Ronnie’s needs, including those she doesn’t realize she has. When danger shows up at their door, it’s up to them to keep her safe, but she has to make a decision. Will they become more than her lovers, or is she too scared to let them into her heart?

Monday, November 7, 2011

New Book!

Hey guys! Brandy's Bikers will be available next Friday, November 18th! Here's the book cover, and the description to torture you guys with until the release ;-)

Brandy’s been hurt in the past by bikers. The gang who’s rolled into town to do construction work in the area adds to her unease, especially when two of the handsome men set their sights on her.
Kyle and West see forever when they look in Brandy’s eyes. They set out to woo her. Will she put aside her fear and give them a chance? She only has a few weeks left to make her decision before they move on to the next job.
When someone uses Brandy as a pawn to stop the construction, Kyle and West must find her before it’s too late. Is it personal or is it business?
For them, it’s very personal.

Thursday, November 3, 2011

New Books Soon!

Hey guys! It's finally November and it's getting COLD! Perfect weather for curling up with a good book. Brandy's Bikers will be coming out this month *hinthint* ;-) How did everyone's Halloween go? My Halloween was quite delicious ;-) Thanksgiving will be coming up soon, and I can't wait to spend time with family and eat some good ol' southern cookin'! :-) Time to write some more- next time I'll post another book cover along with a tantilizing description ;-) Have a great weekend!

Thursday, October 27, 2011

Almost Halloween :-)

Hey guys! Exciting news- Brandy's Bikers will be out in mid-November so get ready! It's almost Halloween and I'm excited :-) it's always fun to dress up! I think I'll be a Naughty Nurse this year ;-) I will be spending this Halloween with two Jack-o-Lanterns. That is, two Jacks with lantern-lighting ;-) yum! I wonder what sort of tricks my Treats have! ;-) Time to go start decorating so the house'll be all spooky for Halloween- have a great Friday everyone!

Marla Monroe

Thursday, October 20, 2011

Going Away for the Weekend!

The weekend is almost here and I'm so excited! I'm going to a writer's retreat this weekend and it's going to be a lot of fun! :-) Maybe while I'm gone I'll get some new ideas for some steamy new books ;-) I will definately be glad to get all the packing done- tired tired tired. Next time I post I'll tell you guys about my yummy new book so get ready! ;-)

Time to go finish packing! Have a great weekend everyone :-)

Marla Monroe

Friday, October 14, 2011

Whew busy busy busy! It's getting cold now, and nothing is more relaxing in the winter than sitting in front of a fire (or heater!) with a good book. Luckily for you guys, I have a new book out! It's called "Sweet Montana Home," and would be a great book to curl up with this winter! ;-) Check it out asap! Here's the description and cover for it :-)

Jackie moved back home after a disastrous marriage and into the arms of her childhood friends, Mitch and Sam. Despite her best intentions, she falls in love with both of them and has to deal with her feelings on what everyone will say. Can she marry them both and live with being the talk of the town?
Then there is the matter of getting her divorce. Her soon-to-be ex is taking his time on signing the paperwork. Waiting to make love with her two men is getting a tad uncomfortable. Fortunately, they find a clever way around the waiting part.

Monday, September 26, 2011

It's Been a While!

It's been quite some time since my last post! I've been so busy lately it's ridiculous. I have 5 books out since Nina's Neighbor, so go check them out asap ;-) book three of The Protectors series The Edge of Night is out so I can finally show the cover to all of you! Yay!
Looks amazing right? If you've yet to read it, what are you waiting for?! Go check it out!  Here's a description to entice you ;-)

Amanda is carrying a little secret that could get her killed. Morgan wants to help, but will his past prove more than either of them can handle?
Morgan can’t get past that Amanda is carrying another man’s baby despite his being attracted to her. He lost his wife and their unborn child in a car wreck a year ago, and now he must face Amanda and her little secret. Amanda has fallen in love with Morgan, but Morgan has issues with the fact that she is pregnant with another man’s baby. She believes he won’t stick around once the danger is gone, but will he surprise her?
As they try to stay one step ahead of the men after her, they begin to grow closer. Will it be close enough to overcome her secret, or will he refuse to bury the past?

Next time I'll give you a taste of another of my books, Desire for Two! ;-)

Marla Monroe

Friday, July 1, 2011

Sad Face

My New York time is almost over. I will miss this place. I am going to the Golden Heart and Rita's tonight and then go out on the town for awhile before I come back for my last night in the hotel. I fly home tomorrow so this may be the last post before I get home. I've had a wonderful time and met so many new friends. I got to talk to Kate Douglas, Beth Williamson, Maya Banks, and many others.

THe next time I see Beth Williamson will be at Rom Con in Denver.

Okay, enough for now. I need to get out there and stir something up. ;-)

Marla Monroe

Thursday, June 30, 2011

BLISTERS Need I say more?

I have been on my feet so much today I have blisters on top of my blisters. LOL  Heard two very good workshops and went to the book signings and got some very good books. For those of you going to Rom Con, I will be sharing some of them with you ;-)

Ventured out and had a New York hotdog with everything. What a treat! I could stand to have another one of those tomorrow. The vender is a cutie and is just down the street. I flirted with him between customers.

Did I tell you that some of the yummiest men I've seen have been New York Policemen? Oh yeah. Can't overlook them. In fact, I got a wink or two when I winked at them. Just have to have one more look at them before I leave.

Alas, tomorrow is the last day of the conference. I will hate to leave New York except for the pricey food. I would have to make 100K a year to afford to live here just because of the food. I can't imagine what housing would be like.

Okay. Time to go. I'll talk to you more tomorrow. Still haven't heard anything about a special club from you guys. Hint HInt.

Marla Monroe

Thursday and New York is Still Here

I'm having a wonderful time here in New York! I've seen so many things here, and I still have a couple of days and naughty nights to explore. Today at the conference there will be book giveaways. I'll be right in the thick of the throng grabbing them up. I love to read. Plus, some lucky guppy will win some from me. :-0

I attended a workshop by Cherry Adair yesterday and the woman is wonderful! She has such a naughty side to her. LOved the workshop and learned from her. Always like to learn a new way to say it. ;-)

Time to leave and check out the next portion of the conference. I'll check in with you later to see if anyone has yet to offer a good club for me to explore. I'm getting a little antsy here, guys!

Marla Monroe

Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Book Signing

What a wild crowd that was!!!!  There were so many people there I didn't think I would ever get to see my favorite authors. Not to mention the heat in the room. Sweltering doesn't even begin to cover how hot it was in there.

Now I'm chillin and waiting on some friends to go grab some drinks tonight. Maybe we will see some of the night life. Still waiting on someone to tell me a good club to visit. I could sure use a little extra carricular activity guys.

Marla Monroe

Tuesday Morning

Good morning everyone!  It's going to be a busy day today. I want to do some sight seeing as well as attend the Literary Signing. I'm hoping to find some hot books for my collection of erotic books. ;-)  I'll let you know what I come up with.

I can see Times Square from my window. I left the curtains open last night so I could watch the dancing lights when I was awake. Lovely to be here. Yes, I am an exabitionist. :-) I'm sure the people across the way didn't mind.

More later everyone. Have a great day!
Marla Monroe

Monday, June 27, 2011

Here In The Big Apple

What a trip! I'm here and registered. The hotel is huge and I already have charlie horses in my calves from walking around. As soon as I know more, I will get with you and tell you all. ;-) I'm bound to get into all sorts of trouble before it is over with.

Marla Monroe

Sunday, June 26, 2011

RWA Ready or Not, Here I Come

I'm all packed and ready to fly. I hope the big apple is ready for me. LOL  I can't wait to see some old friends and make new ones. I'll be attending the conference and learning all I can about the state of publishing at this time. Everything points to e-books big time. :-) 

Don't forget that Nina's Neighbor is out for your reading pleasure.

Jack Montgomery moved next door to Nina Scott nearly a month ago and has been testing her resolve not to look in his direction ever since. He saves her from a nasty case of sunstroke, and they strike up a budding relationship. When he takes her on a bike ride over the weekend, someone from his past decides they want him back and will use Nina to get to him.

Help comes in the unlikely disguise of Freak, the voyeur charged with guarding them. Will he be able to keep her safe from the others, and will their relationship survive once they manage to escape?

And comeing soon is book three of The Protectors, The Edge of Night. I can't wait to get the cover to show off to all of you. Be sure and keep in touch. I'll be blogging all during the RWA convention. :-)
Have fun and be safe
Marla Monroe

Monday, June 13, 2011

New Book Cover! Nina's Neighbor

So, What do you think everyone?Jack is an ex motorcycle gang member who's made a change in his life and now owns his own business. Nina is his next door neighbor and about to be very close friend. What will a good friend do when another is in need? Just about anything.

More to come. I'll post an excerpt soon.  It's scheduled to be released on July 7th. Mark your calendars. And as always, have a very kinky night.

Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Coming Soon Peyton's Pleasure

I am so excited to tell you that Peyton's Pleasure will be out soon. Looking at maybe May. I think you will love this book. The hero, Ryker makes it all about Peyton and her pleasure. Look at my wonderful cover!

Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Wild Montana Nights is Available Now

[Ménage Amour: Erotic Cowboy Ménage a Trois Romance, M/F/M]
Darla Moore needs a job, not a boyfriend, and especially not two. But that is exactly what she ends up with when she agrees to become a cook and housekeeper on a Montana ranch. How can she remain immune to their charm and the way they make her feel? How will she react when she learn she is really auditioning for a starring role in a three-way marriage?
Randall and Marcus thought they would never find the woman of their dreams until Darla walked through their door. When she relaxes her defenses and lets them in, she falls in love with them, and they with her. Randall and Marcus are dead set on keeping her with them and make a decision that could cost them her love in the end. Will that love be enough to forgive them before it’s too late?
A Siren Erotic Romance

Here is a HOT excerpt for you. 21 and over only :-)

Warm hands smoothed over cool skin. Hot breath tickled her breast. Two mouths latched on to her nipples and suckled until she writhed between them. Two sets of hands explored her body. Fingers pinched at her nipples until she cried out with desire. One of the men began kissing his way up her neck and nipped his way around her jaw to just behind her ear. He whispered naughty words in her ear.
“I can’t wait to get my cock inside you. I bet you’ll burn me alive.”
She could only whimper.
Lips kissed down her body, dipping into her belly button only to continue to her thighs. He shouldered between her legs and blew cool air across her pussy. She moaned and lifted toward him. He chuckled and spread her wide with his fingers. A warm, wet tongue licked her from top to bottom and back up again. She couldn’t be still, but another set of hands held her down as his partner in sin lapped at her, running his flattened tongue across her clit, back and forth until she was pumping her hips to meet the thrust of his tongue in her pussy. She was mindless with need.
He pushed a finger inside of her, then two, and she knew she was going to come. He stopped licking her pussy long enough to kneel over her and plunge his hard cock into her dripping center. God, he was big. It took him three tries to reach the end of her.
Warm hands and a warm mouth soon enveloped her breasts. Between the soft suckling at her nipple and the thumb and forefinger pinching the other one, she once again found herself sitting on the edge ready to plunge. The hard cock inside her pummeled her passage, and the first hints of her release hit her low in her belly.
She jerked awake in the heat of passion to find one hand on her breast and the other between her legs. Mortified she jerked them away. She’d never masturbated in her sleep before. It didn’t help her already heavy breathing to realize she had been dreaming about both of the Sanders men. God, she was a slut thinking about two men, let alone dreaming such an intimate dream about them.
She looked over at the clock and realized it was nearly time to get up. She opted for a quick shower then dressed in her best pair of jeans and a flannel shirt she’d bought in anticipation of the cold Montana winter ahead. She would buy the rest of the stuff she needed, too. Good Lord, woman stuff.  Was he talking about tampons? She sure hoped they didn’t shop with her.
Darla started coffee as soon as she made it to the kitchen. She needed it strong and black to make it through the day with both men. She didn’t know how she would be able to look them in the eye after the dream. She groaned. Her womb tightened at just the thought.
“Morning, Darla. You’re up early.” Marcus entered the kitchen in just a pair of jeans, and they weren’t even buttoned.
She snapped her eyes back up and away from him.
“I was ready to get out of bed. I guess I’m antsy about getting the grocery shopping done and getting back h…to the ranch.” She had nearly said home. Not good.
He smiled at her, and she found herself mesmerized by the twinkle in his eyes. He broke the spell and poured a mug of coffee before leaning against the counter and looking at her. His massive chest had a sprinkling of black hair across it trailing down to disappear inside the open waistband of his pants.  Yikes, she was looking again.
“You two drinking all the coffee?” Randall sauntered in. He was in the same state of dress, or undress, as Marcus. 
What was it with them that they walked around half nude in front of her? She licked her lips and forced her gaze above the waist, but that wasn’t much better. His chest was just as spectacular with the same sprinkling of chest hair across and down to his belt line. He smirked at her when she looked at him again. Her face burned with embarrassment. 
“Now, why are you embarrassed?” Randall asked.
Darla’s mouth flew open then closed again. She let out a breath and turned to go back to her room. They could call her when they were dressed. She didn’t need anything else to fuel her naughty imagination.

Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Check Out My New Book Coming To Siren

This is book two of The Protectors series. It's Riley's book :-)  I've had several request his next and here it is.  It comes out March 9th at Siren Boostrand.  While you are there, be sure to check out my other books. Book one is Long Lonely Nights and is Logan's book.

Also out is Trusting Them

Remember to leave me a comment on what you think about my covers and if you buy the books, I really want to hear what you think about them.  As always, be naughty.
Marla Monroe