Friday, October 22, 2010

Excerpt From Tight Laced

Here is my book from DCL Publications. I hope you like it. You can get it at

“Don’t stop, God don’t stop.”  The soft moan escaped before she could stop it.  “Please, Clay.”
“Dana, I’m tired.  I can’t keep this up much longer.”  Clay’s strained voice reached her ears, but she didn’t care.
“Damn, harder Clay.  I really need this.”  She could already feel the tension leaking away like iced water down a drain. 
She’d spent countless hours on the phone during the day trying to save an account someone else had screwed up.  The idiot thought he knew when to bluff, but only managed to talk himself out of the account and – a job.  She’d been left to pick up the pieces and try to pull a save out of her ass.
“It feels so good.”
“I do this all day long, Dana, I’m tired.”  Weariness colored his usually smooth tenor voice into grumpy hoarseness.  “You know, I should make you pay for my services like everyone else.”  He pounded a little too hard with emphasis.
“Ow… that hurt!”
“Hey, you said harder.  I’m just giving the lady what she asked for.”
“You’re a pervert.”  She turned her head in an attempt to glare at him. “You’re my best friend, Clay.  I wouldn’t ask just anyone.”  But she sighed, knowing he was right.  He’d been at it all day just the same as she had at work.  “How about I call and schedule when you’ve had a light day?  Would that work?”
“That would do for a start.”  Strain had the last statement come out in a growl.  “I’ll give you half price from now on too.”
“The hell you will.  You’ll do me for free and you know it.”  Laughter poured from her throat.
She felt the hard slap of his hand on her bare ass and sighed.  Stretching she turned over and smiled up at Clay.  He’d always be her best friend.  They’d gone through too much together.  Now he looked as weary as his voice had sounded.
“Thanks.  You always make me feel better when I’ve had a rough day.”  She reached up and squeezed his hand.  “I’ll cook while you get a shower and relax.”

Saturday, October 9, 2010

Available Soon

Hi everyone!
I'm all excited because I have a new e-book coming out October 15th at
It's entitled, Tight Laced.  The heroine is an uptight busy executive who likes being in control. Unfortunately that means in the bedroom as well as in the boardroom. It turns a lot of men off. Her roommate talks her into a night out with his boyfriend and the three go to a trendy club to dance. It isn't long before she's dancing with a hunk of a guy. Could he be the one to break through her shields to tame her or will she remain tight laced?

I hope you will read Tight Laced and let me know here what you think. I have three coming out at Siren in January, February and March. I'll keep you informed on them. I'm real excited about working with the wonderful editors there.

So, what is going on here? I'm finishing up book two of The Protectors. The first book comes out with Siren in February. It is entitled, Long Lonely Nights. The series is about a group of old Army buddies who find themselves in a position of protecting someone they are falling in love with. Their recent stints in the Army has left them jaded and in some cases, physically or mentally wounded. Can the love of a good woman heal them?

Oh, and I'm reading FourPlay by Maya Banks. I'm really enjoying it. If you love multiple partners, you'll love her book. I highly recommend it.

So, must get back to writing. I'm looking forward to hear from everyone out there. Be sure to leave me a comment about what you want to see in an erotic book. I love to know what to work on next!
Marla Monroe

Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Welcome Everyone my first blog post. My author page is up at Siren and my two books are listed as coming soon. I hope you will look for them in the months to come.

A little about me.

I love to read, write, garden, and travel. Who are my favorite authors? Lora Leigh, Jenny Penn, Maya Banks to name a few. I'm all about sensual reading. I write erotic romance. Sometimes a little suspense gets thrown in the mix. Love me some excitment with a sexy twist.

What do I do for fun you ask? Snicker....I enjoy writing about sex. Then there is the research. Have to do your research before you can write about it. I have a wonderful research partner or two. ;-)

So, for now I'll leave you to get back to writing. I'll have more to chat about this weekend. Be sure to look me up and find out a little about what I have coming out in January.

Marla Monroe