Monday, November 26, 2012

An Early Christmas Present!

I'm so excited!
I got an early Christmas Present, the cover of A Dirty Dozen Christmas. Do you think it is sufficiently naughty? I sure do. What a yummy...biker.

It officially goes on sale December 21st, but I'm sure it will be available for pre-order soon. I'll let you know as soon as I know.

Here's a peek of what you can expect. Enjoy!

A Dirty Dozen Christmas

“I don’t want Tina going anywhere alone while all of this is going on.” Zack leaned back against the cabinets.

“Hey! I’m standing right here. I do have a say in these things.” Tina crossed her arms and glared at the two men.

“Not where your safety is concerned. We’ve talked about this before, Tina.”

“I’m not in any danger. These women are all talk and bluster. The worst thing that might happen is that they call us names. They’re too good to engage in anything like fighting or hair pulling.”

“Doesn’t matter. I’m not going to leave you unprotected. Live with it.” Zack pushed off from the cabinets and disappeared into the other room.

“Let him cool off, babe. It’ll all be okay.” Cole wrapped his arms around her and nuzzled her neck.

“You’re trying to distract me with sex, aren’t you.”

“Is it working?”

“Maybe.” Tina couldn’t help but smile.

Cole backed her up against the bar and nibbled on her lips before slipping his tongue inside her mouth. He licked every inch inside before sucking on her tongue. His hands weren’t still while he kissed her. They slipped beneath her sweater and massaged her back before one slipped between her waistband and skin to squeeze her ass cheek.

Tina moaned into his mouth as he rubbed his thick erection against her belly. There was no doubting what he had in mind. If only she could get Zack on board as well. She pushed back against Cole’s hard cock and wrapped her arms around his neck. He deepened the kiss, nipping at her lower lip before thrusting his tongue in and out of her mouth. She didn’t doubt for a second that she would have swollen lips when he finished with her.

“More,” she managed to get out around nips.

“I’ll give you more. Let’s take this to the bedroom.”

Cole growled then picked her up and carried her over his shoulder with one hand on her ass. As they passed through the den, Zack stood up from where he’d been sitting, flipping through channels on the TV. She caught a quick glance of his face as the anger slid into need, and he followed them to the bedroom.

As soon as they entered the room, she heard the door slam behind them and Cole dropped her on the bed. Tina bounced once and immediately crawled to the other side. She slid off the bed and grinned at the two men.

“Strip, Tina.” Zack’s deep voice sent shivers down her spine.

“What if I want you to strip first?”

“Do it, babe. Now.” Cole walked around the end of the bed toward her.

Tina backed away until she felt Zack’s hard body behind her. When had he crawled over the bed, and why hadn’t she noticed? He gripped her waist and leaned down to whisper in her ear. His hot breath sent tingles along her skin.

“You’re playing with fire.”

Cole reached her and slid his hands under her shirt before pulling it upward. He bent down and nibbled her other earlobe before jerking her shirt over her head. Tossing it to the floor, he reached for the front closure of her bra even as Zack’s hands reached lower to the button at her waistband. They quickly divulged her of the rest of her clothes before lowering her to the bed.

“Don’t move, Tina.” Cole’s raspy voice made her smile. He was hot and hard for her. Just the way she liked him.
One glance at Zack proved he was in no better shape. He jerked his shirt over his head with one hand and unfastened his jeans with the other without dropping his gaze from her. Nothing turned her on more than for her men to lose control with their need for her. She reclined on her elbows and slowly spread her legs wide so that they could see her wet pussy. She dipped one hand down her belly, pausing to flick her belly ring before drifting lower to slide one finger between her southern lips. 

Thursday, November 22, 2012

Thanksgiving In All Things

I'm thankful for so many things in my life, but one of those things is you, my readers. Without you, there would be no me or writing. Were it not for you, I would not be the almost sane person I am. The little voices in my head would have long ago stolen my mind and had me locked away in some stark white room away from the world. Thank You from the bottom of my heart.

What am I doing today? Well, I have a ham waiting to be carved that I cooked all night and dressing in the oven cooking. Not a truly traditional Thanksgiving meal, but close enough. I'll open a can of cranberry sauce and all will be ready. After the meal, I'll sequester myself inside my office and let the littler voices inside my head free.

I'm finishing up book two of The Ghost Riders. The title is Between A Rock and A Hard Place. It's Vernon's and Rhode's story. They go after their woman, Jessie. The only problem is that Jessie has a reason not to go home with them. How will they convince her that they can handle anything as long as they have her between them?

What's next? I'm drifting back and forth between the first book in a new series about shifters and another book I've been fiddling with in The Men From Space Station One series. What do you all think? I'd really like to know what you would like to read next.

Don't forget that A Dirty Dozen Christmas will be out soon as well. It will probably be ready to pre-order sometime the second week of December. I'm very proud of that book. Listening to 18 different characters at one time and getting them straight was not easy! LOL

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Talk to you all later!

Monday, November 12, 2012

Business Or Pleasure

So the company I work for sent me to a resort for a week….

There I was surrounded by half-naked delicious men lying beside one of the swimming pools or wandering through the gardens. There were two different restaurants and a pool-side bar as well, with every imaginable kind of yummy food.

The sun shone brightly every day and the staff were amazingly friendly and helpful.

I bet you’re all jealous of me, right? Ready to turn bitchy and scratch my eyes out with jealousy?

Well don’t bother. I was wearing a prim, navy blue business suit, with the jacket buttoned up, hunched over a table, stuck in meetings for sixteen hours a day and too exhausted to do much more than have a shower, a meal, and sleep the other eight. I only got to swim in the pool once the whole time I was there and that was on the last day, because I figured I could sleep on the plane going home.

But instead of sleeping on my flight home, I got to thinking, “What if?” and “Resort Romance” was born.

“Resort Romance” Blurb:

Imogen agrees to accompany Gage and Liam to a resort for a week’s vacation and some extra hot ménage sex. The gardens are beautiful, the meals are delicious and the facilities are excellent, especially the three swimming pools. The men are delicious too, but Gage is bossy and Imogen is not going to be anyone’s sex toy.

But the men are awfully yummy and Imogen is having a wonderful time. Until Gage makes a few autocratic decisions which remind Imogen of her manipulative father. Then Imogen has to decide whether the best orgasms of her life are worth risking potential heartbreak.


Before Imogen could take another breath, the two men surrounded her. Two hot, hard bodies pressed against her—one in front and one behind. Four arms held her tightly and two sets of lips whispered across her skin, one on her cheeks and the other on her neck.

“Oh you will enjoy it. We can promise you the best orgasm you’ve ever had. When we’re both inside you, I can feel Liam’s cock and he can feel mine. The tissues separating us are very thin and very sensitive. You’ll feel our every twitch and pulse as we stroke deeper and deeper in you, bringing you closer and closer to the ultimate climax.”

Imogen shivered. Gage’s sexy voice was bringing her pretty close to an orgasm with every word he spoke, and cream was already dripping from her pussy onto her panties. Deep inside her core a throbbing drumbeat had begun to draw her ever nearer to the climax Gage promised.

Behind her, Liam kneeled and slipped her feet out of her sandals, then pressed hot lips to her legs, kissing his way up them to her knees. He licked all around her knee and then butterfly kissed the sensitive skin at the back of her knee.

“Oh God, that feels good,” she whispered, clutching Gage’s waist to support her suddenly wobbly legs.

Gage slid his hands under her T-shirt and trailed his fingers up, up, up, over her bellybutton, over her ribs, until finally they rested under her breasts.

“Touch them,” she begged him. But he ignored her and stroked his hands up and down her spine, rubbing circles and spirals across her back as he went.

Meanwhile Liam had swapped to her other leg and was licking and sucking the back of that knee now. I never knew knees were sexy, she thought as her brain started to fry from the combined heat of the men’s touches.

Liam pulled her thighs apart and she staggered as her legs almost refused to hold her upright any longer. He held her thighs firmly and began nibbling the oh-so-delicate skin of her inner thighs.

Gage finally slid his hands under her bra and rested his palms over her breasts. Imogen sighed with relief at the hot touch just exactly where she needed it most.

But her relief was short-lived as the coiling, fiery ball of need deep inside her was demanding more. Much more.

She became aware of a very large cock in easy reach of her hands, but her legs were so weak from all the emotions coiling through her body she wondered if she would fall over if she let go of Gage’s waist.

Taking a deep breath, Imogen popped the buttons of Gage’s pants and slid the zipper down. His tighty whities outlined his cock to perfection, and she almost drooled as she lifted it out of its wrapping and cupped it in her hands. The vein was throbbing and the head a dark red. As she ran her fingers up the long stalk of his erection, a tiny pearl of pre-cum gathered in the eye. Gently she smoothed her fingers over the head of his cock and rubbed the moisture into the cap.

Before she could lean forward and lick his cock, Gage pulled her T-shirt over her head and said, “I think it’s time to move this party to the bed.”

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Friday, November 9, 2012

BDSM In A Small Town

The first book in my new series, Knights in Black Leather, comes out today!

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Jackson and Marx have their eye on Kelly as their new submissive. Funny, she doesn’t remember applying for the position. She’s had enough of the BDSM lifestyle, but Jackson and Marx aren’t taking no for an answer. Is love enough to change her mind, or will it make things worse?

Marx and Jackson aren’t looking for a full-time submissive. They want someone who can think for themselves, but let them lead in the bedroom. They believe that Kelly is that woman. They set out to court her and show her they aren’t asking for all that much.

Kelly desperately wants to believe them, but her experience is that one thing leads to another and before you know it, you’re bound hand and foot. She doesn’t want to be someone’s possession anymore. She wants the real thing—love and the freedom to share it with her man, or is that men?

I've fallen in love with this series already. Writing it was so much fun. The cast of characters in it has me itching to work on the next book. I hope you enjoy the excerpt. It's a bit naughty. ;-)

She turned around and looked up into his eyes. They were heavy lidded with arousal. She wanted to show him how much he meant to her since she didn’t think she could say the words. Holding his gaze, she went to her knees at his feet and balanced herself with her hands against his thighs before leaning forward and running her tongue along the underside of his hard cock. He threw his head back and growled, breaking their eye contact. She ran her tongue down the length of him and licked his balls. His reaction was almost explosive. His hands clasped her head on either side as she ran her tongue back up and circled the mushroom cap beneath the rim.
She couldn’t prevent a small smile before she pulled back and looked up at him once again. He watched her as she dipped her tongue into the slit at the top of his dick and captured the pearl of pre-cum glistening there. His swift hiss at the sensation coupled with the wild taste of him nearly blew her mind. If it were possible to come while giving a blow job, Kelly was on the edge. She dug her fingers into his strong muscular thighs as she slowly lowered her head over his cock and sucked him to the back of her throat. He was so big she didn’t think she could deep throat him, but she was determined to try.
She relaxed her throat and flattened her tongue, breathing through her nose and took him deeper. Nails dug into her scalp, increasing her arousal to epic proportions. She swallowed around him then backed off as he gurgled above her.
“That was fucking amazing. Do it again, baby.”
She stroked him in and out of her mouth, suctioning as she pulled back before taking him down again. She took him to the back of her throat then deeper again and again. His strangled cries told her that he was close. She moved her hands from his thighs to his tight ass and squeezed as she bobbed up and down on his hard cock.
Kelly’s pussy was soaked, and the pulsing of her clit was driving her to distraction. She squeezed her thighs together to try and alleviate some of the pressure to climax, but it did little good. Her scalp burned from Marx’s grip and how he occasionally pulled on her hair. It added to the throb of need searing her nerve endings.
“So good. So damn good.” Marx’s voice was almost unrecognizable it had grown so deep and raspy.
She added a little edge of teeth to her upward pull, and his cock jerked in her mouth with each stroke. She felt his buttocks squeeze tight as he struggled to hold on while she sucked his thick dick with everything inside of her. His knees were locked, holding him in place while his hands where trying to direct her movements now.
Kelly ran a finger around to his perineum and pressed rhythmically while using her other hand to stroke a fingernail lightly across his puckered opening. His reaction was intense and immediate. Marx threw back his head and roared like a lion, coming up on his toes as she swallowed around him. His hands fisted in her hair, adding to her burning need.
Thick ropes of cum filled her throat, and despite swallowing as fast as she could, it leaked into her mouth and out the corners. She swallowed again and again before cleaning his spent cock with her tongue and allowing it to slip from her mouth. She leaned her head against his pelvis, her breath coming in short, choppy gasps for several seconds. After a few seconds she was able to pull back and look up at how Marx had slumped over her with his hands braced on the wall behind her.
Finally he seemed to come back to himself. Standing up straight, he pulled her to her feet and pushed her back against the tile as his head bent and his mouth attacked hers. Lips, hell-bent on taking hers, feasted on her mouth with easy abandon. Then he was moving her head to match his needs and taking her higher than she had ever gone with a single kiss. It didn’t hurt that she was already so aroused that one touch would surely send her flying.
Everything converged as he nipped at her lips, drawing them in one at a time to nibble on and tease with his tongue. Even with her arms wrapped around his neck, she couldn’t get close enough to him. She wanted him inside of her but knew it was too soon after his recent climax.
As if reading her mind, he picked her up so that she had to wrap her legs around his waist and climbed out of the shower. He grabbed a towel and wrapped it around her back and shoulders before settling her on the bathroom counter and immediately burying his face between her legs.

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