Saturday, May 31, 2014

First Set of Raffle Pizes for Their Border Lands Freedm

This is one of the poor silly stuffed animals I won while in Gatlinburg a few weeks back. I have several who have been huddled together in my office waiting for their new home. Help them out by naming them either here or on my event page on Facebook and you could win one of them along with a Marla Swag Bag full of goofy but fun junk.

Here is the second poor pitiful stuffie.  Doesn't he look sad and
seem to be dreaming of a forever home? All of the other stuffies laugh at his pink hair. Help him out and give him a name and a home.

Don't forget to keep a close eye on my blog here and on the event page above for more chances to win. I will be digging through entries for one of these on Sunday and the other on Monday night. In the meantime, I'm thinking about another possible prize that might have the ability to carry something in it!

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Good Luck!

Friday, May 30, 2014

Can you believe we're already on book 12 of the Border Lands series?! That's not the only thing exciting about this next book. "Their Border Lands Freedom" is out for PRE-ORDER now ( ) and I'll be doing a giveaway for the release on June 6th! You can find the release party and giveaway here:
Excited? I know I am! To add to your excitement, here's the book description and adult excerpt ;-)

Their Border Lands Freedom
Lyssa has been a prisoner for seven years before one stranger sets her free and another offers the safety of a family as their women. With a world gone crazy and women only a commodity, she believes they are her best chance at survival, but can she trust them?

Wade and Stanton don’t really know each other very well, but agree to share Lyssa to ensure her freedom and to keep her by their side. Stanton’s lived in the city with few skills relevant to a harsher way of life. Wade was a rancher, working with his hands all his life. Together they provide the safety and security Lyssa needs as they look for a home. Finding a community that will accept them seems impossible with so much ground to cover, but their lives and their hard won freedom depends on it.

As he gazed down at Lyssa’s still-flushed face, Stanton had a moment to worry that he was making the wrong decision to share her with Wade. He glanced over to where the other man remained stretched out next to her, a sated smile evident even in the dim light. Their eyes met and Wade must have seen the uncertainty in his expression because he nodded at him, mouthing that it was “okay.” Stanton wasn’t sure about that, but he had already committed himself to Lyssa and sharing her with Wade. He couldn’t back out now. It would hurt her and he had no intentions of ever letting anyone, including himself or Wade, hurt her again.
Letting the doubt and uncertainty slip away, he lifted her legs over his arms gazed down at her face. There was no doubt there. Nor did he see any fear or worry. Stanton had to let that be enough to assure him that she wanted him. When she suddenly reached up with both hands toward him, something shifted inside of him, and Stanton no longer worried that they had cornered her into something she considered to be the lesser of two evils.
He leaned forward and let her cup his face in her hands before she dropped them to his chest where she stroked him, raking her short nails across his taut nipples. The sensation had him jerking forward so that his aching cock bumped against her pussy.
“Yes,” Lyssa hissed out.
Stanton groaned and reached down, grasping his cock. He rubbed it up and down her saturated slit, teasing them both in the process. He couldn’t stop the groan that eased from his mouth. The feel of all that heated wetness against the crown of his shaft had his balls rolling already.
“Fuck! You’re going to burn me up, darling,” he said through gritted teeth.
Lyssa wrapped her legs around his hips as he slowly pressed forward, sinking his cock a mere inch inside her hot tunnel. He could only imagine how much better it would be when he was all the way inside her tight cunt. Just the thought of it had him easing deeper inside of her. Fear of hurting her kept him from thrusting all the way in right away. She’d said it had been a long time for her, and if she’d not been molested while she’d been in Barter Town, then it had been at least seven years.
“Don’t stop! Please, Stanton. Don’t tease me like this. I want you,” she said as she gasped for breath.
“I don’t want to hurt you, Lyssa. Just relax, darling.”
“You’re not going to hurt me. Fuck me! I need you.”
Stanton was almost at the end of his rope now anyway. Her urging him on even as his balls burned to release had him pushing all the way inside of her until the crown of his dick bumped hard against her cervix. Instead of crying out in pain as he’d expected, Lyssa groaned dug her fingers into his hips, holding him there nestled deep within her fist-tight cunt.
After nearly a full second, Stanton pulled back and slowly sank into her again. Over and over he tunneled deep inside of her, groaning when she squeezed her vaginal muscles around him. Each contraction of her cunt had him fighting to hold back his orgasm. She had to come first. He'd be damned if he shot off like some kid with his first fuck.
The sight of Wade lowering his head to suck on a nipple startled him out of rhythm at first, but the sheer bliss he saw on Lyssa’s face calmed him some. Together they could give her more pleasure than she’d ever had before. He just had to get used to it and remember that she was all that mattered. Her safety and her happiness meant everything to him. If that meant he had to share her with Wade, Stanton could do it.

Saturday, May 24, 2014

Home Sweet Wild and Crazy Home!


I love my mini writer's retreats. They give me a chance to recharge while I write without feeling guilty about something I think I should be doing instead of writing. But once I'm home, I'm glad to be back here, too. I missed my muses who are always doing something to make me laugh. I miss my parents who live with me. What I don't miss is work. :-)  KWIM?  Anyway, there's no place like home.

I mailed out the winners of the fugly stuffed animal contest and hope you enjoy the poor misunderstood things. They could really use a forever home that won't laugh at them nearly as much as I did.

I'm finishing up the first book of my new bear shifter series, Shifting Desires, A Lynx in Their Den. I'm also going to be finishing up book one in the new Sci Fi series spin off of The Men of Space Station One. Remember, there were three planets they were planning to settle? Well this one starts out as the first group of settlers are headed to Omega One only to end up crashing on a different planet that is already inhabited and in a solar system they didn't know about. I haven't named this book or the series yet. It will come to me by the time I finish the book next weekend.

My next projects begin with finishing a book set in New Orleans as part of a continuity series with other authors. It will be centered around Halloween and has me so excited! I can't wait to dive into that one. Besides that one, I will be working on book two of The Wranglers of Bear Mountain.

I will be in Las Vegas, Nevada the first weekend of June. If anyone out there is interested in saying hi, give me a shout out either as a comment here or message me on Facebook. I'm just writing and hope to be joined by more writers to collaborate on a book series we have going.

In the meantime, be sure to grab the next Marla Monroe book when it comes out. Their Border Lands Freedom on June 6th. It will probably be on pre-sale the week before.

As always, play safe but play hard.
Marla Monroe

Friday, May 2, 2014

BDSM Keeps The Wheels Going Round! Bound by Their Kisses Out Today!

This is book four in my Knights In Black Leather Series.
Tessa Green isn’t looking for one man much less two, but Zander Keys and Tag Hodges aren’t taking no for an answer where she’s concerned. She’s just getting on her feet after fleeing one controlling boyfriend. Why would she risk her hard won independence with two Doms? They are members of the local BDSM club and the epitome of controlling men.

Zander and Tag know Tessa is the woman for them the moment they saw her. She’s gorgeous even if she is on the thin side, but a little tender loving care would take care of that. They try to convince her to go out but find she’s not willing to take the chance. After nearly a year of keeping their distance, they set out to show her that allowing someone to care for her and dominate her pleasure isn’t the same thing as dictating her life.

Can they convince her before she runs again?

Comment on what BDSM means to you or what you think about it here or on my Facebook pages to be entered in the drawing for prizes!

What do you think about BDSM? It means different things to different people. For some, it's just a fun thing to play around with to spice things up in the bedroom. But for others, its a very serious way of life—a lifestyle that holds ritual and meaning for them.

From playing around with restraints to using a light flogger though isn't anything to play around with. Always remain aware, stay safe, and never, ever play with anyone you don't know or is well known by a trusted friend. Remember, Safe, Sane Consensual.

When working with restraints, always keep a pair of scissors strong enough to cut through the restraints in use and make sure there is enough room that the circulation isn't cut off.

Number one! No drinking and flogging! Not for the top or the bottom, the Dom or the sub. Never drink when you play. It is just too dangerous!

Now for an excerpt!

Zander chuckled when she opened her mouth then closed it, at a loss as to what to say to that. Then he none too gently dropped her on the bed to bounce once before Tag covered her with his big body. She squealed when he buried his face between her breasts and growled. Then all fun and games disappeared as both men settled down to explore and taste every inch of her body.
“So sweet and soft,” Zander murmured as he nuzzled her neck, licking and kissing his way from her ear down to her shoulder. “I can’t wait to find out what your pussy tastes like, kitten.”
“She’s going to drive me crazy until I get inside of her,” Tag told him.
Tessa couldn’t figure out how they were able to talk when she didn’t have anything under her mouth and yet she still couldn’t manage a syllable. The moment they got down to business, all rational thought left her mind and her tongue’s dexterity in forming words had disappeared. They were doing wild and amazing things to her already. What in the hell would happen to her when they finally fucked her?
Tag licked and nipped at her breasts, making sure that his hands stayed just as busy as his mouth. They plumped and squeezed until he finally closed his lips over one nipple and sucked. Then the fingers of one hand found and teased the other nipple at the same time. When he gently nipped at the one in his mouth, his fingernails pulled at the other one. Tessa arched her back and groaned, unsure why she didn’t just come on the spot from his breast play alone.
Combined with Zander’s suck and bite along her neck and shoulders, it was too much. Her pussy leaked her juices enough that she felt it seep around to the crack of her ass. She needed them to take her, now, while she was aching so hotly for them. If they didn’t, Tessa was positive that something inside of her would break. She felt wound tighter than a windup toy that had been left unsprang for too long.
“Please. Do something. I need you,” she panted.
“Oh, baby. We haven’t even gotten started good yet.” Tag’s words sounded more like a warning or a threat than they did anything else.
Zander’s chuckle didn’t comfort her either. What did they want from her? Were they trying to drive her insane? She was already there. All that was missing was the padded room and straitjacket.
“I can’t stand it any longer. I need to taste her juices. I can smell her, and it’s got my cock so hard I’m going to be able to trace the zipper pattern on it from my jeans.” Zander pushed back from her and disappeared from sight.
Tag chuckled. “Take them off, man. They’ll just slow you down later anyway.”
She could hear Zander off to the side then the sound of more rifling of clothing. She could almost see him in her head, stripping out of the denim to reveal his stiff, hard cock and heavy balls. She’d never seen them, but imagined from the way he’d felt pressed against her that he was quite large.
The bed dipped at her feet and hot skin pressed between her thighs, shoving them wider apart. Zander was there. Right next to her aching pussy. She felt a puff of warm air across the wet sensitive lips just before his tongue laved her from slit to clit.
“Fuck!” Nothing could have stopped her from crying out or the moan that followed.
“Later, kitten. Right now I’m enjoying my delicious treat for being such a good boy and giving you time to get to know us,” Zander said in a husky, strained voice. “And you do taste good, so very good.”
“Lick her dry, Z. When I get ready for my treat, we’ll make her come so I can have some,” Tag told him.
“Oh, I plan to. There’s no way I’m leaving one drop of her honey to go to waste.”
Tessa thought she’d come just from their words. They were going to destroy her. She’d never survive them should they be teasing her about having a relationship. There would be no need to leave town and find another place to settle to start over. She’d just shrivel up and die.
“Oh, God!” Tessa gasped when Zander spread her pussy lips to spear her slit with his tongue. The mild friction was just strong enough to have her squirming to get closer but not nearly enough to give her any relief.
“Help me keep her still, Tag. She’s squirming like a little piglet down here.” Zander’s mild chuckle didn’t soften her outrage at being compared to a pig.
“Pig? Did you just call me a pig?” she huffed out.
“Baby pigs are cute, Tessa. All pink and squirmy, just like you,” Zander said.
Tag moved slightly so that his upper body helped hold her abdomen still. It didn’t stop him from his almost obsessive worship of her breasts with his hands and mouth. They seemed to always be aware of what the other was doing, because when Tag caught one nipple between his teeth and tugged on it, flicking it with his tongue, Zander followed suit with her clit, driving her to the brink of climax before backing off again.
Over and over they played with her, until she begged them to let her come. Zander hummed his approval of her seeping juices, thrusting two fingers into her cunt to stroke along the sensitive tissues until she was sure she’d go mad with need. The way he tongued her clit had her pumping her hips as much as she was able with Tag laying across her abdomen.
Finally, as if they’d planned it, the two men coordinated their efforts so that Tessa’s mind went numb from the explosion of pleasure that coursed through her body from their attentions. Tag flattened one nipple against the roof of his mouth while he pinched the other one. Zander sucked hard on her clit as he stroked her sweet spot inside her wet cunt.
She was sure she screamed their names, but for the life of her, Tessa couldn’t remember as she panted through the amazing sensations flooding her body.