Thursday, May 14, 2015

Ramping Up the Fun!

Some exciting things going on here in Marla Monroe land. Coming soon to a website/blog/Facebook/Google+ account near you so stay tuned. You’ve read about them and fallen in love with them. You’ve cheered for them and cried for them. Now you can find out what makes them tick or just what their favorite food is. We’re going to be doing a series of character interviews to give you an inside look at who they really are. Sound like fun?

 So, would you choose one from The Ghost Riders?

Maybe it would be one from Wolfs Pass Shifters...

 There's always the men of Knights in Black Leather to think about.


How about some mini-stories or flash fiction from your favorite series as free reads? Just because the book ended doesn’t mean they ended. Find out what parts didn’t make the cut and ended up on the editor’s floor.

Need a little pick me up from time to time? Let’s create a hero bulletin board on Pinterest. I’ll post a picture every week and you get to create a two or three sentence little story about them and then at the end of a month, we’ll vote on the best overall “hero” and the best two or three stories about them. There will be fun, goofy prizes.

I've already got some really HOT ideas on this one. What about you?

Oh the possibilities of a hot and sweaty cowboy.

No words. No words.

Yea! Fight scene and the winner gets me!!

So don’t forget to keep a watch here and in the forums on my website here

For more information on where and when to watch for the start of some summer fun!