Sunday, April 28, 2013

Hey everyone! I'm getting ready to go to Kansas City for The Romantic Times Booklover's Convention.  Here is the goody bag I'm giving away in Club RT!

Marla Monroe’s Goodie Duffle
1.     Brown Miche Bag with two sets of handles
2.     Marla Monroe Mug
3.     Nina’s Neighbor by Marla Monroe
4.     Long, Lonely Nights by Marla Monroe
5.     Double Montana Treats by Marla Monroe
6.     Brandy’s Bikers by Marla Monroe
7.     Their Border Lands Temptress by Marla Monroe
8.     Navy Business Card Holder
9.     Mary Kay Timewise Gift Set
10.                        Mary Kay Large Peach Satin Hands Gift Set
11.                         Mary Kay Small Satin Hands Travel Set
12.                         Mary Kay Lip Liners
a.     Neutral
b.     Cappuccino
c.      Dark Berry
13.                         Mary Kay Mini Mineral Eye Color Quad
a.     Silky Caramel
b.     Lemongrass
c.      Amber Blaze
d.     Denim Frost
14.                         Mary Kay Orange Coffee Mug
15.                         Mary Kay Extra Emollient Night Cream
16.                         Mary Kay Oil-Free Eye Makeup Remover
17.                         Mary Kay Bella Belara Perfume Wand
18.                         Mary Kay Bella Belara Shimmeriffic Body Lotion
19.                         Red Butterfly Bookmark Clips
20.                         Pink 64 MB USB Flashdrive Mini
21.                         “Ooh La La” Mini Ceramic Heart Dish
22.                         Red Heart Slap Watch
23.                         BodyNature Sweet Apple & Kiwi Spa Set
24.                        $25 Amazon Gift Card
25.                         Other Marla Monroe Swag 
Here is the goody bag I'm giving away on Saturday at Romancing the Plaza!
4445 Main St, Kansas City, Missouri 64111
Marla Monroe “Romancing the Plaza” Blue Duffle
1.     Black and Purple Miche Bag
2.     BodyNature Tranquil Spa Set
3.     From Nature Spa Tools Set
4.     Avon Nail File
5.     Navy Blue Business Card Holder
6.     Wild Rose Press White and Pink Coffee Mug
7.     Mary Kay Small Hand Lotion Travel Set
8.     Blue Hummingbirds Bookmark Clips
9.     Mary Kay Timewise Gift Set
10.  The Ranchers’ Bride by Marla Monroe
11. Long, Lonely Nights by Marla Monroe
12.  Trusting the Cowboys by Marla Monroe
13. Brandy’s Bikers by Marla Monroe
14. Mary Kay Large Peach Satin Hands Gift Set
15.  Mary Kay Mini Mineral Eye Color Quad
a.     Silky Caramel
b.     Lemongrass
c.      Amber Blaze
d.     Denim Frost
16. Mary Kay Lip Liners
a.     Metallic
b.     Berry
c.      Neutral
17.Mary Kay Satin Lips Set: Balm and Mask
18. Ellora’s Cave Playing Cards
19.$25 Amazon Gift Card
20.Other Marla Monroe Swag
I sure hope to see you all there. Be sure to look for me and say hi!
Marla Monroe

Monday, April 15, 2013

Author Nita Wick

My good friend, Nita Wick has an awesome book out that has a new cover. I just have to post it because I loved the book and the cover is sexy! She writes hot romance, but not erotic in case you are interested.

Be sure to check it out at The cover might not have changed yet, but you can get the book there.

Also, for other types of downloads of the book if the Kindle is not your reader of choice.  You can always find it at
The Wagonmaster by Nita Wick at Freya's Bower, a historical romance, erotica ebook : Freya's Bower
I hope you will check it out. She has some other free and short stories on Amazon as well.

Friday, April 12, 2013

Putting the Office Back Together

So the office got a makeover and it is finally ready to be put back to rights. It's a long slow process though as we put ceramic tile down and all that tile dust is on EVERYTHING!!!  Lots and lots of dusting and washing things down.

Here are the initial pictures...

Notice that the walls are a cheerful net soothing shade of green. I like green :-)  The ceramic tile looks great and will be so much easier to clean. I have to get a plastic floor mat to put under my chair though.
So next comes washing down the floor one more time then dusting and washing down the shelves and other furniture that belongs in there.  I have copies of my books for give aways and other goodies to give away that I keep on the shelves. I also have some favorite books and some research books on the shelves.
Here are some pictures of what it looks like now. I still have some organizing to do and another table that goes in there next to the file cabinet, but it's closer to being finished.

And this is one of my many muses. Little. He's very old and bony, but helps me by keeping the back of my office chair in place. I'm sure without him it would be beating me when I try to write.
I'll be back writing tomorrow and then on Sunday, it will be back to cleaning and organizing once again.

Friday, April 5, 2013

The Ghost Riders - Book Three

I decided to write book three of The Ghost Riders this month. Ajax and Murdock were speaking to me. Ginger is going to make them earn her affections. When Jessie and her guys, Vernon and Rhodes settle down in Reo to build their home, she begs Ginger to move back so they can be together. Since she believes that Ajax and Murdock are heading back to Las Vegas where they were from, she agrees. She's looking forward to having her best friend close by again and starting over.

Guess what? Ajax and Murdock weren't going back home to stay. They were merely tying up loose ends with their charter there so they could transfer to Reo into Dominic and Reece's MC. Wonder how that is going to go over with Ginger when she finds out?

Ginger is going to live up to her name, as in being feisty where the guys are concerned. I'm looking forward to learning more about these three characters as I go.

I'm also gearing up for May's Romantic Times Booklovers Convention in Kansas City. Have part of a basket started and trying to decide what books to include in it. Anyone going this year? I hope you'll stop by and see me either in club RT or at the Giant Book Expo. I'll post times and locations closer to the day.

Off to write some more before bedtime. I'm going car shopping tomorrow. Not sure if I'll actually jump into a new one or not, but need to consider it.

I'm leaving you with a little something to look at. This is how I see Ajax in my head. He's a mixture of these two guys. Intense.

Monday, April 1, 2013

Decisions - Decisions

How do you decide what to write next when you have so many options? I have several different series going now and picking which one to write on next drives me crazy.

  •             The Men of The Border Lands
  •             The Men from Space Station One
  •             The Ghost Riders
  •             Riverbend, Texas Heat
  •             Knights in Black Leather
Then there is The Protector Series
Charlotte’s Master, which is Butch’s story from Nina’s Neighbor


I also have a few new series that I have started working on

  • One features shape shifting wolves
  • One is based in the Tennessee Mountains

So what do I do? Flip a coin or draw names or close my eyes and point? One thing I do know, I have to get started on it soon. The days will slip past before I know it. As soon as I decide on the next book, I’ll let you all know.
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