Friday, May 31, 2013

Looking Ahead...

RomCon in Colorado is just around the corner everyone. It’s located in Colorado Springs, CO, just outside of Denver. I’ll be arriving Thursday, June 20th and return home on Sunday, June 23rd.  We have so much planned for the long weekend for our readers. I can hardly wait to get there. Expect great things and lots of cool swag, everyone!

I’m finishing up Charlotte’s Master now. I plan to submit it by the weekend provided nothing gets in the way. It is a follow up book from Nina’s Neighbor. Remember Freak, aka Baxter? Well this is his book. He’s developed a hard on for Nina’s friend, Charlotte, and isn’t about to let her get away. The only problem is that he isn’t sure she can handle his darker nature, and there’s an ex-boyfriend who isn’t going away easily.  If you enjoy BDSM, voyeurism, and kink, you’ll love Charlotte’s Master.

Thursday, May 30, 2013

An Angel for Them Available for Preorder!

Book 5 of the Riverbend, Texas Heat series is up for preorder now at

Randy and Travis Woods crave a family like they grew up in, but the ménage lifestyle isn’t for just any woman. When Angela Carter appears on the side of the road like an answer to their prayers, Travis, for one starts to hope. Will Randy try one last time for happiness?

Angela finds herself put out on the side of the road by her last boyfriend like so much trash. When Travis offers her a ride and a safe place to stay, can she believe that he won’t toss her to the side as well?

Then she meets his brother, Randy and realizes she has feelings for both men. The more she is around them, the harder it is to resist their gentle charms and heated gazes. Angela wants them both, but that’s just wrong? Right? Can a ménage relationship work, or is she asking for too much?

It will be officially released Friday, June 7th. Make sure and order your copy today!

Marla Monroe

Thursday, May 9, 2013

Available Tomorrow! Happy In Their Love

Happy in Their Love (MFM)
Men of the Border Lands 10

By: Marla Monroe
Categories: Erotic Romance, Futuristic, Menage a Trois/Quatre, Western/Cowboys
Word Count: 50,505
Published By: Siren-BookStrand, Inc.

AVAILABLE: Friday, May 10th
[Siren Ménage Everlasting: Erotic Futuristic Sci-Fi Cowboy Ménage a Trois Romance, M/F/M, spanking, HEA]
Abe Waverly isn’t looking for company when first Russell then Celina show up. They know about loss just like he does, but can he trust them with more than just his home? Celina Berry fears becoming attached to either man, but what will become of her and her unborn baby if she doesn’t?
Russell Coggins wakes up after a bear attack in Abe’s home. Russell isn’t sure if he is welcome there or not, but he has time to decide while he is recovering. Then they find Celina who has just lost her husband and has been traveling alone. She’s pregnant and scared, unsure who she can trust.
Together the three of them become a family as they fight Mother Nature to survive in the deepest parts of The Border Lands. Learning to trust each other is more than just a need. It becomes necessity in order to survive.

Sexy Excerpt!

“I want you both, but I’m scared.” She looked first at Abe and then at Russell.
Did either of them truly care? Was she just a vessel for them to slack their lust? Somehow that hurt even more than she would have believed possible. She knew it wasn’t that way for her. She truly cared about them and craved their attention. Maybe it wasn’t love, but it was more than just a sexual itch she wanted scratched, wasn’t it? Now she doubted her own reasoning. She started to pull back, but Abe appeared to have decided that action was what was needed. He plunged two fingers deep inside of her cunt and sucked her clit between his teeth.
She couldn’t have stopped the scream if she had wanted to. His name left her lips in a rush of air that she was sure had reached all the way to the river. Abe teased her mercilessly with his tongue before finally drawing fully on it until an orgasm slammed her full force, causing her to arch off the mattress.
“Damn she’s beautiful, Abe.” Russell’s voice pierced the ringing in her ears as she settled down once again.
No sooner had she caught her breath before Abe had her on all fours with his thick cock at her entrance, teasing her pussy lips. She tried to press back against him, but he held her firmly in place.
“Suck Russell’s cock, baby. He needs to come, too. Make him feel good with that hot mouth of yours.”
She opened her mouth as soon as the mushroom cockhead of Russell’s dick brushed her lips. Gentle hands held her head as he slowly fed the hardened shaft to her.
“Ah, yes. That feels so fucking amazing. Your mouth feels like wet silk around my dick.”
Celina hummed in satisfaction as he slowly rocked in and out rubbing her lips over his sensitive skin. Occasionally, she let her teeth graze him, enjoying the sharp hiss it caused.
Then Abe stole her breath and her attention by plunging his cock deep into her cunt. Her pussy’s muscles quivered around him as he held still while she stretched to accommodate him. His cock was much larger than anything she’d even played with before. With her late husband being the only man she’d ever been with, Abe’s wide girth was a shock to her system.
“You are so damn tight, baby. I’m not going to be able to last long this time. It’s been so long and you feel amazing.” Abe’s thick voice had gone so low and soft, she had a hard time hearing him.
“Please don’t stop, Abe. I’ll die if you stop now.” She hated begging, but her body was on fire again, and she didn’t think anything could put it out but him.
“You take care of Russell, Celina. I’ll take care of you.” A sharp slap fell on her ass cheek, startling her.
Russell’s strained laugh in front of her made her smile just before he filled her mouth once again. She ran her tongue up and around his dick in a swirling motion before sucking her way back up his shaft. His fingers flexed against her scalp. Though he held her head in a light grip, he didn’t force her down on him or ram his hard cock down her throat. It helped her to relax and accept his light thrusts so much easier.
Abe’s retreat and quick return thrust deep inside her pussy had her moaning around Russell, which soon had him cursing above her.
“Whatever you’re doing, man, don’t stop. The vibrations from her moaning are driving me insane. I’m never going to last long like this. Hell. I don’t even want to last long. This feels too fucking good to last.”
The other man didn’t waste a breath responding. He gripped her hips in his big hands and shuttled his long shaft in and out of her hot, wet cunt with measured strokes that were driving her to distraction. She wanted more, faster, harder. With Russell’s cock in her mouth, she could only whimper and try to push back against the mountain of a man behind her. He gave her no room to maneuver though. She was totally and completely at his mercy.