Wednesday, May 30, 2012


Hey guys! I'm super excited right now because, thanks to all of you, my book "Beth's Little Secret" is in the top spot for menages on Bookstrand! I'm so happy you guys love my book so much! Thank you for all your wonderful support! Even more exciting news, I have a NEW BOOK available for pre-order on June 1st! You'll definately want to check this one out ;-) it's called "Escape to the Borderlands" and I'll put the description below as a teaser ;-) don't forget to follow me on twitter @MarlaMonroe1 and email me at! Be sure to email me if you want to be put on my mailing list because the newsletter is coming soon! Enjoy!


When things get too dangerous where she lives, Rachael hitches her way to the Border Lands looking for a home. Jeremy and Micah find Rachael in a ditch, unconscious and wet. They take her home to look after her. When she wakes up, she is sure they are good men and contemplates staying with them.
Jeremy is ready and willing to give her a home forever, but will Micah get past the death of his wife and child to accept her in his heart? Is his bitterness permanent, or can he be saved? Jeremy wants to think so. Rachael is scared to believe.
Rachael is sure that she can love Jeremy. He’s kind and giving, but what about Micah? He doesn’t seem to want her love. He’s just fine with sharing his body and keeping her safe. Can she live with that, or will she keep looking somewhere else?

Friday, May 18, 2012

New Book!

Hey guys! I have a new book out called "Beth's Little Secret"! If you're ready for some sizzling love, go check it out ;-) Here's the cover and description to further entice you ;-)

Beth Hallmark’s secret could get her killed. Mac Tidwell and his brother, Mason, vow to keep her safe from a madman intent on capturing her for himself. They race against time to find and stop him. But sometimes things can be deceiving. Is the stalker who he seems to be?
Her revelation of her secret stuns Mac and Mason. They struggle to accept her for who she is and realize she is perfect for them. They vow to make her theirs, but first they must keep her safe.
Mac and Mason realize that they have fallen for her hard. Sometimes loving someone will hide the facts from you. When she’s kidnapped, they struggle to figure out who her captor is before it’s too late. Will they make it in time to save her from the man’s cruel games? Or will he outmaneuver them?

Sunday, May 6, 2012

Here's a Delicious Read ;-)

Hey guys! :-) Do you want something steamy to read? In the mood for some sexy biker love? Read "Her Biker Boyfriends" and get to know the hot bikers Ranger and Drew and their lady love Carly! ;-) Check it out! Follow me on twitter @MarlaMonroe1 and send me an email at! Also, newsletter coming soon! If you want to be on the emailing list, send me an email and let me know to add you. :-)

Carly likes life on the wild side and agrees to a ménage with Ranger and Drew. The guys realize they feel something strong for Carly, but aren't sure if she feels the same way. Ranger thinks she won't go for a three-way relationship because of her career and urges Drew to pursue her on his own, but Drew is having none of that. He wants it all.
They take a long weekend trip together to Austin to explore her comfort with being seen with two men and find that she's fine with it. But just as they begin to hope things will work out, word gets back to her bosses that she's in a threesome relationship. They threaten to fire her. Carly loves her career as a dental hygienist. Is the love of two men enough, or will she choose her career over love?