Thursday, July 9, 2015

Patience is a Virtue…Bull!


I love to write, but life gets in the way at times. Sometimes it’s something minor but still interferes. Sometimes it’s much, much more serious like an illness or death. When that happens, books are delayed or put on hold for a period of time. Readers are already on pins and needles waiting for that next book, so any delay seems terrible and inexcusable when they have been waiting weeks and weeks for it.

Believe me, I understand. I have favorite authors just like any reader. Authors love to read, too and we get just as impatient as our own readers get. I have an author right now who is behind on her books and it’s driving me insane, but you know what? She had a serious illness that nearly killed her and affected her ability to work. She’s back at it and moving along, but after I found out, I felt a little sick that I’d been fuming about waiting.

Sheesh! I remember waiting nearly an entire year for books not all that long ago. Even now, there are some authors who only write one or two books a year. With the dawn of e-book popularity came the expectation of immediate gratification/satisfaction. We can’t wait on anything anymore because for the most part, we don’t have to. If we can’t get what we want right now, we move on to the next person/business who can.

Still there are some of us diehard fans of those really exceptional authors who do wait. And even if we read other books while we wait, we keep watch for when the golden goose lays that golden egg for us. Then we snatch it up, prepare for a marathon session of reading all night and all day until we finish it. Then once again we are back to waiting, waiting…

So for those of you who have been waiting for the next Ghost Riders book, its out!
Book five, Being the Bikers’ Old Lady is now available at Siren Bookstrand
Delta vowed to leave the biker world behind but didn’t count on Butch and Walker’s determination. After growing up in the dangerous MC world where women rarely held any status outside of their men, Delta didn’t want that lifestyle now that she was an adult. She learned that sometimes expensive clothes and important careers aren’t indications that a man will be a good husband.
When an ex-boyfriend needs her silenced over something she’d seen, Delta ends up under the protection of two sexy bikers as their old Lady. Things got complicated fast. These bikers weren’t like any biker MC she’d ever been around before. Suddenly being an old lady didn’t seem quite as bad as she’d thought, but was she just an obligation or did they have a future with her as their old lady?

me-mm-ww-abbystwowarriors3And for the Amazon “One Click”, Wonders, of which I’m a charter member myself, book two of the Wounded Warrior Series, Abby’s Two Warriors is available for your reading pleasure.

See you in the waiting line!

Marla Monroe
Twitter: @MarlaMonroe1