Saturday, October 21, 2017

Lots of Books in the Future

Finally got that touch of fall this last week and even colder weather ahead next week. I'm all over it. I have my blanket ready for sleeping and the gas fireplace cleaned in case it gets "that" cold.

Ahead for the next few months I have a lot of books coming out. First of all, It Takes Two to Heal is on pre-order at a discount until Monday when it's released. You can find it here

Also on pre-order and at a discount is Their Perfect Woman. Its book fifteen of the Men of the Border Lands series. It will be released on November 6th. You can find it here

Coming November 20th is A Home for Three, a Lost in Space book.

Coming December 8th is Their New Home, a Space Station book. I don't have a cover for this one yet, but it won't be long. I'll post it on the Minion's page first.

There will be more once I have the dates to give you. As always, you can check out the latest I'm working on, on my Facebook page or the Marla's Minions page. I post excerpts from my works in progress there, and you get to see my new covers.

Hope you have a great weekend.

Friday, September 29, 2017

Cooler Days Ahead

I'm so happy today. The weather is much cooler this morning. I loved getting out in it to run my errands. It's supposed to last a few days, then back to the heat for a little while longer. Here in the South we don't get a true winter. We get an extended fall with maybe some freezing weather for a few days. Might be time for a trip to the mountains to experience the cold. I love the Smokey Mountains.

A long weekend in a cabin with a nice view and plenty of time to write sounds wonderful. I'd take a nice walk every morning and write the rest of the day. Yes, that sounds like a great plan to me.

I'm working on three different books right now. The main one is the Space Station One book. The next book is a sequel to the last Men of the Borderlands book and the third one is an entirely different book for my alter-ego. I'll share more about all of them as I finish them.

Here is my latest cover.
Coming October 23rd. Be sure to watch for it to go on Pre-order soon!

Marla Monroe

Sunday, June 11, 2017

Texas Writing Trip

I'm here and attending a Margie Lawson Immersion class that lasts four days. I'm in deep edits and having a great time. Writers are always seeking to improve their books and the best way to do that is to attend workshops and classes as often as they can. I hope to always write my best book every time I set down and start one.

I've met some great new friends here and learning a lot from them as well. It's fun to find out about your fellow writers since writing tends to be a very solitary business. We sit at a computer for hours on end and never see or talk to another person if we don't have family living with us. It makes for some long days and strange actions.

I talk to my cats and listen when they talk back. I've always said they are my greatest muses. When something isn't working well, I turn to the cat and watch it sleep or play and suddenly, it all works out in my head and I start back to creating the story.

Have a great weekend everyone.


Saturday, June 10, 2017

Texas Here I Come

How many of you live in Texas? I'm on my way there for a workshop and would love to hear from you. I'll be in Allen, Texas just north east of Dallas this weekend through Wednesday. Looking forward to some cowboy time and lots of writing. What are you doing this weekend?

Be sure to keep up with my newsletter for another chance to win free books and other neat prizes. I'll have another newsletter out in two weeks and will be choosing one lucky winner for it. You can sign up Here.  (

On a fun note. I attended a Journey concert on Wednesday night and had a ball. Does this date me? LOL I grew up listening to those guys. They did not disappoint. Now I'm wanting to go to another concert. Have to see who is playing close by.

Working on a Ghost Riders book now. Hope to have it finished by the end of June. Anyone looking forward to that one? After that it's a Shifting Desires book. I'm looking forward to that one as well. I love writing bear shifters.

Hope to hear form you soon,


Friday, June 9, 2017

Coming June 16th Caught Between Hawk and Gunner

This is the second book in The Howling Death MC series. If you have to be caught somewhere then between these two men is the place to be.

Go here to order or

Sexy Excerpt

As soon as they made it in the house, the men were all over her. They stripped her then gently bathed her in the tub before taking her to bed. Gunner spread her thighs with an almost desperate need in his eyes. The first touch of his tongue had her crying out in pleasure. She needed this. She needed them to take her and make her theirs. If they didn’t want her, she’d die inside. She sure as hell wanted them to want her. “Babe, you taste so damn good. I was afraid I’d lose you.” Gunner returned to eating her pussy with a vengeance.

“God, Gunner. Please.”

She could only beg for him to help her reach that point. She wanted to come so badly.
“Not yet, sweet thing. You’re coming with us this time. Both of us.” Hawk kissed her, exploring her mouth then moving down to lick and bite at her jaw, neck, and earlobe. He sucked at the junction of her neck and shoulder, then nipped at it.

“I want you both. Take me. Make me yours. I don’t want to lose you.” Jackie couldn’t believe she’d allowed the words out.

“You already are ours.” Gunner moved up her body and sucked at her nipple before fitting his cock at her opening. “I’m going to fuck you deep and hard, babe.”

He pushed his way inside her. She was wet and ready for him, but he was thick and having to wiggle to get in her. She finally relaxed enough that he surged forward with a deep growl.

“Damn, babe. You’re so fucking tight I won’t last long.” He retreated and thrust again and again. Finally, he rolled her over so that she straddled him. He bucked up as she rose and fell with him.
“Hold her down while I get her ready, Gunner.” Hawk knelt behind her.

“What are you doing?” she asked.

“We’re making you ours. We want to come inside of you at the same time, so Hawk’s going to take that pretty little ass while I fuck your warm, wet pussy.” Gunner reached up and kissed her between the breasts. Then he was pulling her flat against his chest.

“Easy, sweet thing. I’m not going to hurt you if you relax. Hurting you is the last thing I ever want to do.”

Hawk rubbed something cold and wet on her asshole. He pressed his finger inward then pulled it back out. She wasn’t alarmed but knew that no matter how much he prepared her, it would sting. She didn’t care. She wanted them both and wanted to be theirs forever.

He added more of the cool lubricant and pressed in and out of her back hole several times before adding even more and adding a second finger. It burned, but not too badly. He fucked her with his fingers then forced more of the lube inside her. The next thing she felt was his cockhead pressing against her ass. She tried to relax her muscles, letting Gunner’s hands soothe her as he rubbed small circles against her back.

Hawk pressed harder, stretching her even as she tried to push out. When he finally popped through the resistant ring of her ass, she gasped and dropped her head to Gunner’s chest.

“There we go. Easy, Jackie. Just let us do all the work.” Hawk pushed all the way in with a soft curse while Gunner pulled nearly all the way out of her pussy. Then they switched directions, and she felt like a piece of cheese between two slices of hot bread.

They seesawed in and out of her until the pressure building was so close to exploding she couldn’t help but strain toward it. Her ass burned, but a strange sort of pleasure was escalating from it as well. She’d never known there were pleasure nerves in her ass before now. The guys sweated above and below her. Hawk grasped one hip with his hand and held on to the back of her neck with the other hand.

“Fuck but your ass is so goddamn tight, babe. Fuck but I’m not going to last.”

“Neither am I. She’s hot and wet and tight, and with you in her ass, it’s like forcing my dick through silly putty. I swear she’s going to strangle me.” Gunner cupped her breasts in his hands, flicking his thumbs over her nipples.

“Please, please not yet. I need to come so badly it hurts.”

“We’ve got you, sweet thing. We’re going to take good care of you from now on.” Hawk used both hands to hold her hips as he tunneled in and out of her ass.

She could feel the heat from Hawk’s body against her back. The burning sensation in her ass had given way to a strange pleasure that helped fuel her need to climax. She needed them to hurry and push her over. She didn’t want to be left hanging. Now with as good as she was sure it was going to be.

“I’ve got you, babe. Just relax.” Gunner put one hand between them where he moved his fingers until his thumb found her clit.

“Yes,” she hissed as he thumbed it, teasing it then pinching it between this thumb and finger.

Jackie erupted in pleasure, screaming in a high-pitched whine that even she didn’t recognize. The two men lost their rhythm and shouted out as they came, filling her body with their semen. The pleasure went on and on as they continued to fuck her until they lost their strength and collapsed beneath and behind her.

Monday, March 27, 2017

Two New Books Out in May

I'm super excited to have two new books coming out in may beginning with A Mate Among the Enemy on May 5th.

Finding their mate should have been a wonderful surprise when Lee and Evan were in town, but was she part of the enemy or was she just in a bad situation? Shay’s life had existed around identifying shifters for her father so that they could track and kill them. She hated what they did, but short of running away, she was powerless to stop them. After meeting two shifters she felt attracted to , Shay finally found the strength to run.

Book Two is a Space Station One book Kelly Captures Two Husbands. I'll have more on this book in the next few weeks. You don't want to miss finding out more about this book.

Also, I'm reviving my newsletter to include more excerpts, free reads, and prizes. Sign up for my newsletter coming out in April for a chance to win any current book you haven't read. Here:
To find my books on the Bookstrand site, go here
To find my books on Amazon, go here

Watch for more fun here in the next few days. I may even have a prize for those who comment on one of those blogs.

Marla Monroe

Saturday, September 10, 2016

NOW On Pre-Order Their New Beginning

You can now pre-order Their New Beginning, book 14 in the Men of the Border Lands series. It's officially released on Monday the 19th of September so not long to wait.

I wanted to publish an excerpt for you and the teaser blurb. Be sure to check them out and spread the word. I'm back!

Abby wants a safe place to make a home. She is cautious of being duped into joining a community again, but there is safety in numbers. Now she is on a quest to find the one she has heard about in the Border Lands.

Harry and his sister are also looking for a safe place. When Thad joins them, Harry believes his chances with Abby disappear. Thad knows how dangerous it is now and has no problem sharing Abby with Harry to assure her safety, if the man would just agree. He knows Harry is worried about his sister, but Thad doesn’t want to wait until Harry makes up his mind.

Will Harry and Thad be the men to provide a home for her? First they have to agree to share her. Then they need to work together to keep her safe. Neither man wants to wait until they reach the promised land to make her theirs.

Adult Excerpt: No one under 18!

Once she’d completely rolled to her belly, she waited for him to touch her. When he didn’t for several long moments, Abby looked over her shoulder, almost afraid he’d left the room, yet he stood at the side of the bed looking down at her with so much emotion in his eyes and in the expression on his face.

“You take my breath, Abby. The way your back arches, and the shape of your ass, makes me want to jump on and fuck you until I’m part of you. Right now, at this exact moment, I’m so hard for you I could easily do that and rut over you like an animal, but you deserve more than that. You should have soft kisses and a gentle hand. I’m not sure I can manage that right now, babe.” Harry’s hands were trembling out by his sides. “I thought making you keep your bra on would help me keep some control, but even that didn’t help.”

Abby turned a little bit more to be able to really look at him. At some point he’d managed to remove his shirt and had unfastened his belt and jeans but hadn’t pulled them down or released his hard shaft. She could see the massive outline of it against his jeans. It swelled up over the top of his waistline, encased in the white material of his underwear. The sight of it like that had her squeezing her thighs together with even more need.

“I don’t need soft touches or slow kisses right now, Harry. I need to be fucked by you. We can go slow next time if you want to. I want your dick inside of me. I want to feel you pounding into me so hard I feel you in the back of my throat.” Abby was surprised at her words. She’d been open and honest with her fiancé, but she’d never been that explicit before.
His groan, and the way he jerked his jeans the rest of the way down, told her that he was losing all control over his need. It thrilled her.

“Your boots,” she said as an afterthought.


He turned and sat at the foot of the bed to remove the obstructions, then kicked out of the rest of his clothes. When he stood up again, Abby gasped in approval. His ass was hard and gently rounded. She couldn’t wait to dig her fingers into the round cheeks as he pounded into her. His back broadened into wide, strong shoulders, and the muscles moving from his waist to those strong shoulders were outlined in awe-inspiring detail.

Then he turned around, and all rational thought left her brain. The man was built like an Olympic athlete. Not the strong, yet trimmed, body of a runner or maybe a swimmer, but the toned, hard physique of a boxer or weightlifter, only without the extra bulk.

The moment she focused on his cock, though, Abby’s mouth watered, and she curled her tongue over her bottom lip. Harry was gorgeous. She’d never thought of a man’s penis in such a light before, but the column of flesh jutting straight out from his body could only be described in words that appreciated its appearance.

The ruddy head seemed to mushroom out into a monster-sized hat while the stalk that would easily require both hands to encircle it bobbed in time to Harry’s heartbeat. The impressive dick would stretch her pussy to an exquisite burn that would consume her. It was going to take some preparation, but Abby was sure she could take him and couldn’t wait to get started. When her eyes returned to his face, it was obvious he’d enjoyed the way she sized him up and the extra time she’d taken to admire his cock.

“God, you’re beautiful!” burst out of her mouth before she could stop it.

He squished up his brows. “Beautiful? I’m a man, not a woman, Abby.”

“Sorry, but what I see is nothing short of amazing, and beautiful is in the eye of the beholder. I behold beautiful,” she told him with a broad smile.

Instead of letting it annoy him, Harry just shook his head with a grin and slowly climbed onto the bed to stalk her like a lion until she’d crawled as far up the bed as she could.

“Lie back down for me. I want to lick my way up your body. I know it’ll drive me mad with need, but I have to taste you.”

Abby bit into the pillow when Harry’s tongue licked beneath her ass cheeks. He nuzzled her there, then continued to the fleshy part of her butt, licking, then nipping until she was grinding her pussy into the covers. When she started to lift to her knees to get closer to his mouth, he placed one hand at the small of her back and gently pushed her back down.

“Shhhh, babe. Be still for me.”

Was he freaking kidding her? How was she supposed to be still when he was igniting her world?
He pushed her legs apart, then settled between them at the level of her knees. The roughness from his hairy thighs seemed to notch up her arousal even more.

“Please, Harry. Stop teasing me.”

“Patience, Abby. I’ll take care of you.” He punctuated the rest of his sentence with a bite to each ass cheek between each word. “Real.” Bite. “Good.” Bite. “Care.” Bite. “Of.” Bite. “You.”

She panted through the slight stings, then groaned when he licked each spot where he’d bitten her. God, he was perfect! She’d always loved the edge and thought she’d never find another man who would enjoy it as much as she and her fiancé had before he’d been killed.

Harry changed positions and spread his legs so that his knees were now on either side of her hips. Abby didn’t move her spread legs since she’d figured out that with her legs spread out so far she could get a little friction on her pussy from the quilt when she pressed her hips into the mattress.
Lips and tongue continued to tease her over her hips, then slowly, painfully slowly, up her spine. When he nipped her shoulder at the same time, a tongue swiped up her pussy slit, Abby screamed into the pillow, then jerked her head around to find that Thad had joined them. His eyes met hers, and he winked before burying his face between her spread legs once more. The dual attention of the two men sent her spiraling out of control.

Harry chuckled next to her ear. “Surprise, baby. Looks like I have help. I think it’s safe to say that you are now royally screwed.”

Be sure to pre-order your copy today to find out what happens next!