Friday, June 7, 2019

Saga of Dad's Old Truck

When my Dad passed several years back now, I kept his old truck that he loved and gave his newer truck to my nephew. His old truck smelled like him and it was the one he drove the most. It has well over 200,000 miles on it and still runs fine. I let it sit up though because it hurt to drive it. I would go sit in it and think of him, but I couldn't drive it.

Then I realized it was ruining it to just sit there so I slowly started getting it back into shape. First I got new tires for it. Then a new battery and today, New rotors and breaks. Well when I got home from the shop, smoke was pouring off one of the back tries. I called them and they said that wasn't normal. Um, yeah, I figured that. So, I have to let it cool down and take it back tomorrow for them to look at. Once that is taken care of, I plan to drive it at least part of the time back and forth to work. It will help save mileage on my car.

Sitting in the truck makes me think of Dad, and I miss him but I feel closer to him when I'm driving it. I just hope the old thing makes it a few more years now that I've put the work into it. I like being able to climb up in it and go places.

Really, everything about the house makes me miss my parents since they lived here with me. The yard especially since they fixed it up like they wanted it. Dad built decks all over the place to sit and watch the traffic or just to talk. Once they even hooked up a TV and a fan to sit outside and drink tea while they watched gospel music under the shade tree. I have a picture of them doing that. Makes me laugh when I look at it.

I miss them. I guess I always will.

Marla Monroe

Thursday, May 30, 2019

Did I Say New Books?

I have a few of them out there. Her Forever Mountain is now available at Bookstrand Here is the cover.

Ménage Mountain Book 9, Finding Her Home on Ménage Mountain comes out July 12th. Here is the new cover for it. 

Book 10, Their Mountain Surprise, will be out July 26th.  I'll share cover as soon as I get it. 

Also on the horizon is a Border Lands book. Book 20, Her Border Lands Wish. It comes out June 27th.
Now that we've gone over the books. Let's talk turkey. Well, more accurately, chicken. I haven't really cooked in more years than I want to admit to but am trying to eat healthier and bought an Instant Pot. Let me be the first to tell you that there is a BIG learning curve to the Instant Pot.

My first efforts were dismal at best. I managed to choke down two days of the dry, overcooked chicken before I chunked it outside to the raccoons and possums. The steamed veggies were limp noodles but I stomached them a little better.

My second attempt came out much better, but I'm going to shave off a minute on both dishes and I think they will be perfect. I want to branch out but am a little worried about doing that. I'm thinking that I should stick to what I know for now. 

Something to think about if you're considering an Instant Pot is that the pressure valve releases steam that just happens to be located right under your kitchen cabinets if you are using it on your kitchen counter. Not good for the woodwork. I purchased a cute green (my favorite forever color) dragon to re-direct the steam. Have a look. What do you think? He's available on Amazon.

Love it when the steam comes out of his mouth. Yes, I get amused by the oddest things. Almost makes me want to cook an additional bunch of steamed veggies just to watch the steam. The felines were not amused by this however. They hissed right back.

Stay cool out there. 

Marla Monroe

Sunday, May 12, 2019

Living With Feline Muses

Don't get me wrong. I love them. Love them to pieces, but they are a handful. They get into everything. I do mean everything. If you leave it anywhere accessible, they will find it and explore.  That includes laundry baskets (clean or dirty), backpacks, grocery bags, purses, suitcases, and anything they shouldn't get into.

So, the latest thing they've done is take my keys. Yes, I shouldn't have left them vulnerable to attack. I left them on the kitchen counter and they snatched them. A key fob to my car and the single key to the truck. They were gone the next morning and I had to dig up the other key fob to go to work that morning.

After much tearing up of the house I found the key fob to my car, but the truck key is still MIA. It is the only key I have to the truck. That means I can't start it. I'm going to have to go to the local Ford dealership and ask my options. They are certain to be expensive. So, the moral to this story is never leave anything of value out for the felines to confiscate. They will do it.

In book land, I have several books coming out soon.

Happy in The Border Lands is out now. You can get it here Here's the cover.

Coming soon is Her Forever Mountain will release June 3rd 

Coming soon is book Twenty of The Men of The Border Lands and books nine and ten of Ménage Mountain.  They are in edits right now.

Have a great week ahead and see you soon

Marla Monroe

Thursday, May 2, 2019

Getting Things In Order

I've been asked to list a couple of series in order of what is out there and where they are. I'll do that below. First, I want to thank all of you for reading my books. The fact that you are asking me to do this means you like my books enough to want them listed out. Thanks.

Now, The Ménage Mountain Series. There are eight Ménage Mountain books so far with a ninth book that I'm currently working on. The eighth book is in edits.  Seven are available on Bookstrand and six are available on Amazon.

Her Mountain Home
Two Good Men
Belonging to Her Mountain Men
Their Mountain Love
Her Mountain Ménage
Her Mountain Family
A Ménage to Celebrate

Her Forever Mountain, book eight is in edits and I'm currently working on book nine.

The other series that I've been working on is the Men of the Border Lands series. There are three books about three sisters that I've written.
Her Perfect Men Book 18  You can also get this one at Amazon
Happy in the Border Lands Book 19
Her Border Lands Wish, book 20 is in edits right now.

Can't let you go without sharing some covers. Always have to have something hot to look at. :-)

Hope you guys have a great weekend ahead. Read a good book and relax. Life is short.
Marla Monroe

Friday, April 26, 2019

New Book and Warmer Weather

Love the sunshine. I've always said that I'm solar powered. You know, like those little bobbing animals you get at the dollar store. I perish during the winter months when it's overcast and flourish during the summer months with the sun.

Right now I'm sitting at the computer doing edits and itching to work on book 20 of The Border Lands. Once I finish edits I'll get to write all about Amanda, the third sister and her fate. Speaking of the Border Lands, book 19 is now on pre-order. You can get it HERE  

Lucille is ready for her own family and hopes Ty and Jeff are the men to make that happen. Ty and Jeff are immediately attracted to her and hope she is the woman for them. When they approach her, she is receptive, and they see their future in her eyes. Can they make a go of it? They certainly plan to try.
Lucille returns to their home with them and quickly jumps in to the daily routine of keeping the place going while they work out on the farm. When someone tries to kidnap her, she realizes that there are other dangers to consider outside of starving or disease.
The men vow to keep her safe and one of them remains near her at all times from then on. Once again the future seems bright for all of them and the promise of a family forms on the horizon as Lucille makes an announcement that gives them all hope.

For all my Amazon buyers, you can now find the following available there now.
Her Mountain Family   HERE
Her Mountain Ménage  HERE
Their Forever Love  HERE

I'll keep you up to date on what's out there on Amazon as I find it. They don't let me know when it comes out. I find out by checking each day. I get all excited when I see it pop up!

So, a quick story about one of my feline muses. Maggie the fierce started snarling and hissing and throwing a major temper tantrum at the backdoor the other night. I went to see what she was all upset about and found that I had two raccoons eating the food I'd left out for the stray cat that eats here. Looks like I have more to feed than one stray cat. I have a raccoon family as well.

The raccoons didn't appear the least worried about Maggie. They just stood on their hind legs and stared back at her then sat down and began shoveling food into their mouths with their hands. Cute things, but there were quite large. Larger than any of my muses. And that's saying something as Bella is pushing twelve plus pounds.  

Hope you have a great weekend out there. Enjoy the sun if you have it and soak up that Vitamin D!

Marla Monroe

Friday, March 29, 2019

Is it Really Spring?

I sure hope it doesn't fool me. Yeah, there are still some cold mornings, but the days are nice and warm out. Nice enough to sit outside and enjoy. I've even carried Maggie, one of the feline muses out on the front porch to enjoy the evening warmth. Naturally she wants to explore and not sit in my lap.

Currently I'm working on a Menage Mountain book. I have a biker book floating around in the back of my head though that is eating at me. Not sure if it will collate into the next book or not yet. I'll let you know when I finish this book. I've also been thinking about another book in the Planet Alpha books. It's been a while since I've written one of them. It's a crap shoot what my head will finally settle on though.

Right now, what is out for pre-order is A Menage to Celebrate. 
Adonna didn’t exactly have a normal lifestyle since she owned an adult toy store, but dating two men seemed a little over the top to her, right? David and Mitch didn’t think so. They wanted a chance to get to know her.
Adonna relented and agreed to date them not expecting it to go anywhere, but found out that they were more than she expected and couldn’t help falling in love with them. They were kind and funny, and sexy as hell.
Mitch and David were serious with wanting to get to know Adonna. They meant to make her theirs. All they had to do was convince her that they meant business and were in it for keeps. Could they make her understand that sometimes three people could fall in love and be a perfect family? One to celebrate?
Don't lose out on the special price for pre-ordering. 

I better get back to writing. Have a great weekend and enjoy the weather out there. I hope you aren't in the path of more rain or snow. If you are, hunker down.

Marla Monroe

Saturday, October 21, 2017

Lots of Books in the Future

Finally got that touch of fall this last week and even colder weather ahead next week. I'm all over it. I have my blanket ready for sleeping and the gas fireplace cleaned in case it gets "that" cold.

Ahead for the next few months I have a lot of books coming out. First of all, It Takes Two to Heal is on pre-order at a discount until Monday when it's released. You can find it here

Also on pre-order and at a discount is Their Perfect Woman. Its book fifteen of the Men of the Border Lands series. It will be released on November 6th. You can find it here

Coming November 20th is A Home for Three, a Lost in Space book.

Coming December 8th is Their New Home, a Space Station book. I don't have a cover for this one yet, but it won't be long. I'll post it on the Minion's page first.

There will be more once I have the dates to give you. As always, you can check out the latest I'm working on, on my Facebook page or the Marla's Minions page. I post excerpts from my works in progress there, and you get to see my new covers.

Hope you have a great weekend.