Thursday, June 30, 2011

BLISTERS Need I say more?

I have been on my feet so much today I have blisters on top of my blisters. LOL  Heard two very good workshops and went to the book signings and got some very good books. For those of you going to Rom Con, I will be sharing some of them with you ;-)

Ventured out and had a New York hotdog with everything. What a treat! I could stand to have another one of those tomorrow. The vender is a cutie and is just down the street. I flirted with him between customers.

Did I tell you that some of the yummiest men I've seen have been New York Policemen? Oh yeah. Can't overlook them. In fact, I got a wink or two when I winked at them. Just have to have one more look at them before I leave.

Alas, tomorrow is the last day of the conference. I will hate to leave New York except for the pricey food. I would have to make 100K a year to afford to live here just because of the food. I can't imagine what housing would be like.

Okay. Time to go. I'll talk to you more tomorrow. Still haven't heard anything about a special club from you guys. Hint HInt.

Marla Monroe

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