Tuesday, November 29, 2011

New Book Available Soon!

Hey guys! I have a new book coming out this week! It's titled "The Ranchers Take a Wife." Christmas is coming up, and this would make the perfect stocking stuffer ;-) It is the start of a new series, so I hope you guys enjoy it! Let me know what you think- email me at themarlamonroe@yahoo.com. Here's the delicious book cover and description ;-)

When Lacy arrives on Space Station One, she has to choose two men to be her husbands. She picks out Cam and Phillip and prays they will be able to make it work despite being perfect strangers. Phillip is easygoing and they bond quickly, but Cam seems a little uptight. She isn’t sure he likes her.
Lacy finds out that Cam had shown an interest in another of the women and is hurt. Should she forgive him? Or has he broken her trust as well as her heart? Cam has to prove he’s not stuck on anyone but Lacy.
Add to that the discovery of a strange creature leaving footprints around their place, and Cam is under a great deal of stress. Will he push Lacy further away, or will he share his worry with Phillip so the two of them can share the responsibilities and pleasures of taking care of Lacy?

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