Sunday, March 25, 2012

Need a New Read?

Hey guys! Need a new steamy book to read? Read my book, "Their Border Lands Gift"! Action, love, and steamy romance abound! Here's the description to perk your...interest ;-) Also, don't forget to email me your thoughts and comments at and follow me on twitter @MarlaMonroe1 :-)

After the year of catastrophes, women are treated like slaves and bought and sold like cattle. When Kate’s brother, Mike, can’t keep her safe anymore, he decides to move to the Border Lands to find her a couple of men to take care of her.
Kate doesn’t want a husband, much less two. When she is nearly stolen again by black market traders and her brother is seriously hurt, he gives her to Bruce and Marcus to keep her safe. Can she learn to trust them? And what about love?
Bruce and Marcus are already half in love with her when they meet her. They think she’s Mike’s wife, though, and feel guilty about their lustful thoughts, but then Mike is injured and gives them Kate to be their woman.
When a wolf attacks her, she realizes Bruce and Marcus truly love her and she has to admit her love for them.

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