Saturday, September 22, 2012

Saturday Slugging It

What is it about a pretty day outside on a Saturday that makes me sluggish and not want to do anything? I just want to go out there and sit in a chair and watch the cars go by or watch my cats take naps in the sun. The weather is georgeous with plenty of sun but cooler temperatures so you don't sweat sitting there.

I'm working on The Dirty Dozen Christams book but keep glancing out the window and longing to go out there instead. Parker and Tina and the other women in the book are busy seduing their husbands to get them to agree to help them with their Christmas project. Just thinking about all those sexy men taking care of their women has me hot and bothered, but my research partners are busy right now. SIGH  Maybe later.

Maybe I need to make a trip to the gym to get some energy back in me so I can concentrate on writing and not on the pretty weather or how horny I am writing these hot scenes. Focus, Marla! Here is a small snippit of what Parker is doing right now.

                                                            A Dirty Dozen Christmas
Parker watched as little Addison slept in the crib. From her head full of golden curls to her tiny feet, she was perfect in every way. Sometimes it amazed her that that beautiful little girl had come from inside of her. Then she reminded herself that Addison was a part of the love she and her men felt for each other. She was perfect because she hadn’t stood a chance to be anything else.

She checked the baby monitor to be sure it was on before she turned to find her men. Tonight was the night she was going to seduce them into helping the woman of The Dirty Dozen with their Christmas project. She knew the other women were planning their seductions as well. Although she was sure they would all agree to help without the sneakiness, it added to the fun of the project. Parker couldn’t wait to get started.

Shane and Allen were watching TV in the den so she had time to grab a quick shower so she would be fresh and ready for them when she lured them upstairs. She had already spent the day with her friends at the local spa. She’d been pampered, waxed, and buffed to within an inch of her life. All that was left now was the outfit.

She quickly dried off and applied her favorite lotion. Then she pulled on a black leather bustier followed by stockings and her black leather and lace thong. She had turned down the freshly made bed and checked to be sure everything was easily available on the bedside table. Making sure the baby monitor was on and working, Parker drew in a deep breath and checked her appearance in the mirror one last time. Satisfied that everything was ready, she slipped on her four inch heels and eased down the stairs until she was within sight of the men.

They were still watching TV, each happily settled in their lounge chairs. She walked the rest of the way down the steps and sauntered into the den until she was standing in front of the TV. Both men lifted their eyebrows then looked at each other. Parker could see the questions in their eyes. Had they missed her birthday or some other special occasion? She would have laughed at their obvious confusion except she didn’t want to ruin the moment.

Both men slowly got up out of their recliners and stepped toward her. The lust in their eyes wasn’t hard to miss. Allen’s light blue eyes had darkened with his arousal. Shane’s dark eyes seemed deeper somehow. She shivered beneath their gazes as they looked her up and down before advancing on her.

“Baby, you look good enough to eat.” Shane walked around her, trailing his fingers along her bare shoulders.

“I can’t wait to taste her.” Allen stepped in front of her and leaned down to kiss her.

His lips sipped at hers before he deepened the kiss to one that had her head spinning. His mouth devoured hers in an almost painful move. He slipped his tongue inside and tasted every nook and cranny. The taste of him had her head spinning. Maybe it was lack of oxygen instead. She didn’t know which, but she had to cling to him to remain on her feet.

Then Shane’s hot, hard body pressed in behind her, grounding her in the process. He sandwiched her between the two of them, effectively trapping her in their heated seduction. She had to remind herself that she was seducing them and not let them turn the tables on her.

“Let’s move this upstairs.” Shane’s raspy voice betrayed how aroused he already was.

“Hell, yeah.” Allen picked her up and carried her up the stairs with Shane right behind them.

The moment they were in the bedroom, Allen lowered her feet to the floor. He kept one arm around her shoulders until she seemed steady on her feet. Then he trailed his fingers along her collarbone before following up with his lips and tongue. Parker shivered as he slowly licked his way up her neck to nip at her jaw.

Shane’s naked body pressed against her back. She hadn’t even realized he was undressing. The touch of his skin to hers heated her blood even as Allen continued his exploration of her neck and shoulders with his teeth and tongue.

“As much as I love this outfit, babe, it’s got to go.” Allen began unhooking the catches on the corset.

“The shoes stay.” Shane’s rough voice brooked no argument.

Parker stood between the two men as they slowly undressed her, trailing kisses down her body as they did. Soon she stood on her heels totally nude with both men staring at her through lust filled eyes. Shane moved her back toward the bed as Allen began to undress. She found that she couldn’t take her eyes off of him as he slowly pulled off his shirt, revealing broad muscular shoulders and a tight six pack. Her hands ached to run over his exposed skin.

Just as Allen unfastened the first button of his jeans, Shane sat her down on the bed, breaking her line of vision. His knowing grin told her that he was well aware of what he had done. He pushed her down until she was lying across the bed with her legs hanging off the edge. Then he slowly went to his knees between her legs and shouldered them wider until he had access to her weeping pussy.

Sorry, guys, that's all you get until next time. Stay tuned and I'll give you more to fuel your fantisies another time. See you later.

Marla Monroe          


  1. WOW, I loved this little teaser Marla and can't wait for more bits you give us to feed out love of your books until this Christmas book is released. Xxxxxx

  2. tease! That was just getting good!
    Can't wait for it to be released!