Thursday, November 22, 2012

Thanksgiving In All Things

I'm thankful for so many things in my life, but one of those things is you, my readers. Without you, there would be no me or writing. Were it not for you, I would not be the almost sane person I am. The little voices in my head would have long ago stolen my mind and had me locked away in some stark white room away from the world. Thank You from the bottom of my heart.

What am I doing today? Well, I have a ham waiting to be carved that I cooked all night and dressing in the oven cooking. Not a truly traditional Thanksgiving meal, but close enough. I'll open a can of cranberry sauce and all will be ready. After the meal, I'll sequester myself inside my office and let the littler voices inside my head free.

I'm finishing up book two of The Ghost Riders. The title is Between A Rock and A Hard Place. It's Vernon's and Rhode's story. They go after their woman, Jessie. The only problem is that Jessie has a reason not to go home with them. How will they convince her that they can handle anything as long as they have her between them?

What's next? I'm drifting back and forth between the first book in a new series about shifters and another book I've been fiddling with in The Men From Space Station One series. What do you all think? I'd really like to know what you would like to read next.

Don't forget that A Dirty Dozen Christmas will be out soon as well. It will probably be ready to pre-order sometime the second week of December. I'm very proud of that book. Listening to 18 different characters at one time and getting them straight was not easy! LOL

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Talk to you all later!

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