Thursday, May 30, 2013

An Angel for Them Available for Preorder!

Book 5 of the Riverbend, Texas Heat series is up for preorder now at

Randy and Travis Woods crave a family like they grew up in, but the ménage lifestyle isn’t for just any woman. When Angela Carter appears on the side of the road like an answer to their prayers, Travis, for one starts to hope. Will Randy try one last time for happiness?

Angela finds herself put out on the side of the road by her last boyfriend like so much trash. When Travis offers her a ride and a safe place to stay, can she believe that he won’t toss her to the side as well?

Then she meets his brother, Randy and realizes she has feelings for both men. The more she is around them, the harder it is to resist their gentle charms and heated gazes. Angela wants them both, but that’s just wrong? Right? Can a ménage relationship work, or is she asking for too much?

It will be officially released Friday, June 7th. Make sure and order your copy today!

Marla Monroe

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