Thursday, February 13, 2014

New Book Going on Sale Tomorrow

Hey everyone! I'm so excited about my newest book, River's Biker Heroes, going on sale TOMORROW! It's the newest Ghost Riders book, and it will last longer than the chocolate you get tomorrow! Don't miss this yummy new mystery.

River knows who she is but can’t remember the last few months of her life. She must know something that someone wants to keep a secret. Can Merrick and Cassius help her piece together her past before it finds her again to finish what was started?
When they find River close to death on the side of the road, Merrick and Cassius know she is special to them and claim her as theirs, therefore, under the protection of The Ghost Riders. The club rallies around them and helps the two men keep her safe as well as find out who is after her.
When the threat is removed and the dust settles, will River curb her wanderlust and settle down with Merrick and Cassius, or will the two men take to the road to keep her between them?

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