Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Gatlinburg For Writing

I'm in Gatlinburg, TN this week writing. I came with some friends who are out tearing up the town and generally causing havoc everywhere. I'm here writing, available to post bail if they need it.

It's been a wonderful few days and I still have two more left to go. The quiet time really helps get the words on paper, or in my case, the computer. No distracting TV's blaring or phones ringing and I don't feel guilty about not washing clothes or anything. I need one of these a week. :-)

Funny thing here though. It was 74 degrees yesterday and today it's chilling out at a cold 42 and going all the way down to 27 tonight with the chance of up to 3 inches of snow in the morning. No wonder half of us are sick all the time.

Working on book 12 of the Men of the Border Lands series. Wade is an ex-cowboy who used to work ranches but is just drifting around now. Stanton was a stock broker in Manhattan before the year of catastrophes. The fact that he's managed to survive in the world for the last ten years is amazing even to him. Wade thinks he's damn lucky but admits he has to have more skills than crunching numbers and sitting behind a desk.

Lyssa was a nurse practitioner in a charity hospital before it all ended. Now she's with two men after spending the last seven years in a prison cell in Border Town. The world is a scary place for her.

Where are they going to end up and will they come to care about each other along the journey? What do you think?

Here are a few pictures of my trip so far. Some are of men in a swat team that were running around a building across the street. I wished I'd had my good camera with me, so I could have gotten much better pictures.

Then there is the parrot guy! LOL  What do you think of this one?
I'll post more pics later. If we get that snow, I'll for sure have some for you. I'll be playing in it!

Marla Monroe

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