Sunday, April 20, 2014

Winners In Today's Drawings! And We All Win!

Thank you all who participated in this release party. You've not only put me at number 3 on the Siren Bookstrand list, but you've publicly voiced your support of our troops and the troops of all who keep us safe.

The winners today are:
Stacy Wilson
Deana Nedrane (Not sure if this is your last name or not)
Janice Greenlee
Emily Lanham

Please message me on Facebook your address so I can send out your winnings!

Everyone else who answered following my instructions, I have your names in my basket. If you will send me your address as well in a message, I will send you all a signed postcard and another little gift.

Thank you all for your support, of me and of our peace keepers and protectors!

Marla Monroe

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