Wednesday, February 25, 2015

Dual Duties Today

One of my favorite things in the world is to watch snow fall then stand out in it at night and listen to the absolute silence that it leaves. It's as if the snow absorbs all sounds and muffles anything that might try to intrude. I always feel so peaceful when I can do that and it's been nearly ten years since there's been enough snow for me to do that. Today, I got my favorite thing and I'll be standing out in it in a few hours. :-)

I'm so excited that Their Independent Submissive is on pre-order already. Book five of the Knights in Black Leather series was so much fun to write because of Darla's son,  Tommy. He was fun and challenging to write. He's eight years old and loves baseball.

You can pre-order it at Bookstrand. It will be released for download on March 6th. Follow the above link and read more about Darla and Tommy and the two Alpha Marines who want to claim her.

While you're there looking around, remember that Their Forever Home, Book 13 of Men of the Border Lands is available for download now.

With those still living in the East slowly moving deeper into the West, lawlessness and danger is at an all time high for families, especially those with women. More and more of the original families are moving deeper into the Border Lands and joining up with a community working together to keep each other safe and provide a better life for themselves.

Vella has left a commune she never felt safe in and Lance and Carver are teaming up to locate this place they've heard about in hopes they will be allowed to stay. Their chances would be a lot better if they had a complete family, but women are hard to find these days. Imagine their surprise when Lance fishes one out of the swollen creek one day.

You can follow the diary entries of Jane on my forum. She's giving us a deeper look into what these pioneers have to face on a day to day basis. You can read the entries here on my webpage,    Here 

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