Friday, January 13, 2012

It's Getting Colder!

Whew, the weather is getting colder! Snow, frost, and freezing winds, BURRRR! Time to snuggle up with some hot guys! If you want to get the room even hotter, here's a book to really make the temperature jump ;) check out "The Ranchers' Bride"-

On the planet Alpha, Andrew and Danny decide to take matters into their own hands and kidnap their bride instead of waiting around for her to choose them, as was the original plan. Now they have Rachel at home with them and need to convince her to stay. Will Rachel fall in love with them and agree to be their bride?
Rachel falls in love with the two men but isn’t sure they are as happy with her since they haven’t taken her back for the ceremony. She is afraid that if she doesn’t get pregnant they won’t want her. Rachel is attacked by a strange creature, leaving her with a strange scar. The men realize when they almost lose her that they need to let her know how they feel. Does Rachel feel the same way? Will the men figure out what will make Rachel theirs forever?

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  1. Hello,

    My name is Amanda and I come from a small island called Seychelles in the Indian Ocean . I have a passion for reading romance.

    I usually get my books to read at the National Library, at online contest and at a single bookshop that sells only silhouette and Mills and Boon Romances.

    I have been surfing the net and I come across your website and I've enjoyed it. I have never read Erotic Romance before and I would love too.

    Hope to here from you.

    Have a lovely day