Sunday, February 5, 2012

Delicious Valentine Treats!

Hello! Valentine's Day is just around the corner! Chocolate on top of chocolate topped with chocolate and a scrumptious cherry ;-)  if you're looking for a way to heat things up with that special someone, I have the perfect treats for you! TWO new sizzling books guaranteed to turn things up to max ;-) make your Valentine blush when you read:

Briana has her hands full with a pair of biker bodyguards. Can they keep her safe despite her assurances that she doesn’t need them? When she moves to Dallas to start work, will they convince her to let them stay on the job or will she push them away?
How can she ignore them when they are the fathers of her child, and how do you fill out the paperwork at the doctor’s office when you don’t know which one is the father?
Dillon and Gavin are determined to make Briana their own. When they find out she’s pregnant with their child, they pull out all the stops to change her mind about going it alone. What will it take to convince her they want to guard her for life?

Ashley’s little secret might cause Boyd and Keeton to have second thoughts about their bride once they land on planet Alpha. They expect an experienced bride. When they learn that Ashley is anything but experienced, they are thrown for a loop. What will they do?
Boyd and Keeton are on Alpha planet to help run the planet’s only ranch. They expected a ready-to-bed bride but find themselves with a virgin wife. Neither man is sure what to do. Add to that the strange creatures that plague the planet and threaten the mission, and they are under a little pressure.
Ashley helps them come to terms with her situation, and they all work together to deal with the surprises that the planet and its inhabitants throw their way.


  1. Loving both of these series!!! I am so addicted to all of your books. Congrats!

    Tammy January

  2. I have read these two and loved them. Though I was a little unhappy with Gavin in Her Biker Bodyguards! LOL I just finished Biker Babe in Training and adored that one-I laughed several times. Alexis was really cute! Keep them coming please! I get so excited when I see your books up for pre-order!