Tuesday, February 21, 2012

New Book Out!

Hey guys! I have a steamy new book out! It's titled "Their Broken Lady". Check it out! ;-) Here's a titillating tidbit to tickle your senses:

Tanner and Bryan believe in love at first sight, and Amber is it for them. She doesn’t plan on falling in love again. Her past experience with men says she is a lousy judge of character. Amber tends to go for the strong, controlling types who end up being dangerous. They can’t understand why she’s so adamant about not becoming involved with them.
When someone tries to attack her for the second time, they convince her to stay with them while she recovers and her house is repaired. This gives them the chance to charm, woo, and seduce her into going out with them. Can they change her mind about them while they have the chance?
In the meantime, someone is out to get her, and the men are bound and determined to keep her safe. The problem is that Amber is thwarting their attempts at making her theirs forever.

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  1. Just got it Marla, I am so looking forward to reading this one. All your books have been absolutely awesome. Your fan, Tammy