Saturday, February 2, 2013

A Snippet From The Life of My Characters

In case you haven't noticed, I tend to write in larger than normal print. I'm getting older and my eyesight is reminding me of it every day. Now to get us all in the mood to meet the characters of book 10 of The Men of The Border Lands, here is a handsome picture that always makes me smile. ;-)

There's something sexy about seeing a man with his hands in his underwear. Makes me want to see what he's so protective of.
So, let me introduce you to Celina Berry, Abraham (Abe) Waverly and Russell Coggins. They are trying to survive out in The Border Lands. Each of them has lost their family and have been thrown together by fate to forge a life together.
Celina is thirty years old with golden brown hair and light brown eyes. She just lost her husband and has been wondering around trying to find a safe place to live.
Russell Coggins is forty and at six foot two inches, he's no slouch. He has dark auburn hair with sky blue eyes and a finely shaped body from working the barges up and down the rivers before the world went south. He has been wandering The Border Lands for nearly a year trying to outrun the grief that plagues him after losing his wife.
Abe Waverly is a mountain of a man at nearly six and a half feet tall with a bushy beard and shaggy black hair. His dark eyes could scare the bravest of men away. He also lost everything and has been living as far into The Border Lands as possible for nearly eight years now. He rarely sees humans this far Northwest and would be happy to never have to again.
When Russell encounters a grizzly and is injured, Abe can't leave him to die alone out in the open. He carries him home with him to heal.
Later, once Russell has started to recover enough to take short hikes, they run up on Celina resting on some rocks in the sun. Russell is quick to offer her a safe place to stay, but Abe isn't as welcoming. His once peaceful existence has been invaded by two friendly people intent on torturing him with friendship.
Find out how they survive and learn to not only trust each other with their lives, but with their hearts as well.
I'm only about 12 thousand words into the book so far. When I have added more, I'll treat you to an excerpt.
For those of you who have been asking about another Protector's book, I got out Celestial Nights and started looking through it. It is Tyler's story. I'm also looking at  Charlotte's Master, Baxter's book from Nina's Neighbor. Hoping to get to work on them some this week as well.
Have a great week ahead you guys!

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