Friday, February 8, 2013

Available Now On Pre-Sale

You can now get the second book in The Ghost Riders series on pre-sale at   It will be released on February 15th right after Valentine's Day!  If you like bikers, you'll love Rhodes and Vernon. It also introduces two more guys I'm already in love with, Ajax and Murdock. Here is a snippet and then a small excerpt. 
On the run from her insane brother and his loathsome plans, Jessie is surprised when Rhodes and Vernon find her. They want to claim her and take her back home with them. As much as she is attracted to the burly bikers, Jessie wants a normal life away from the biker lifestyle. Why would they be any different than her brother’s gang? Will she follow her heart or let her head deny the men she loves?

Rhodes and Vernon know that Jessie is the woman for them. They plan to treat her like the gift she is and keep her safe, even if that means exposing the secret her brother holds over her. They’ll stop at nothing to rid her of the chains that the other man has used to control her for most of her life. Their Jessie deserves to be free, and they plan to be a part of that freedom.

“I think she needs something to take her mind off of everything,” Rhodes said.
Vernon didn’t say anything. Instead, he leaned over and nibbled at her jaw before sucking in her earlobe to tease between his teeth. Jessie moaned at the sensation of his tongue tickling her there. The slow burn that had dissipated with her shower returned as if it had never gone away. It built as Rhodes lapped at a nipple while his hand massaged her breast around it.
“Oh, God!”
“Let us help you relax, baby.” Vernon’s deep voice penetrated the heavy lust-filled fog that was surrounding her.
Together the two men teased and tortured her breasts and mouth and neck until she thought she would go up in a wall of flames. Her breathing grew raspy as the fever built deep in her womb. Her pussy grew damp with each lick or suck of their mouths. An ache to be filled built in her cunt. Neither man had touched her below the waist, yet everything they did seemed to settle there at her core.
Jessie groaned with need. Her hands roamed their bodies, searching for something to hold on to in the storm that threatened to engulf her in sensations she’d never felt before. Vernon’s head was slick, free of hair, but she managed to latch hold of his neck with one hand and Rhodes’s hair with the other. Their combined grunts only deepened her need for more from them.
“Please. I need…”
“What do you need, Jessie?” Vernon’s voice ended on a growl.
“More. I don’t know.”
Desperation choked her until she felt Rhodes’s mouth move from her breast to her abdomen then lower. His tongue licked a line from her belly to her hip where he nipped. The sensation had her arching her back.
Vernon took over playing with her nipples and kissing her neck as Rhodes moved lower until he was spreading her legs with his shoulders to give him room between them. His warm breath blew over her pussy lips like a gentle breeze. She could feel her juices leaking from her core. Her cunt grasped for something to hold on to.
“I love how wet you get for us, baby. Your pussy glistening with your juices.” Rhodes kissed her there before dragging his tongue through her cream.
Jessie jerked at the touch. Then she could do nothing but moan and gasp as he lapped at her like a kitten with a saucer of milk. He devoured her while Vernon played with her breasts. Between the two of them, she was lost in a maelstrom of touch and feeling. Everything felt twice as intense as she rose higher toward some goal that loomed above her. Even as Rhodes stabbed her over and over again with his stiffened tongue, he teased her back passage with his finger wet from her juices.
When everything seemed to converge into one tight fist deep in her cunt, Jessie felt Vernon twist her nipples and Rhodes suck in her clit. The dual assault sent her flying over the top into climax. Her pussy spasmed, needing something more.
“Oh, God! I need you inside of me.”
Rhodes growled as he climbed up her body. She reached for him as Vernon moved away from her. She didn’t want to lose the other man and reached for him with a whimper.
“Easy, Jessie. I’m not going anywhere.” Vernon chuckled then held his thick cock next to her mouth.
She turned her face toward him and rubbed his dick along her cheek. He smelled musky, and the need to taste him had her opening her mouth almost immediately. Vernon took her hand and wrapped it around the base of him before he let go. She wrapped her tongue around the spongy head, savoring the spicy taste before licking from her hand to the tip.
She felt the tip of Rhodes’s cock as he rubbed it up and down her wet slit. It felt huge as he slowly pressed into her. Jessie lifted her pelvis as he pushed deeper. The stretching seemed to go on forever as he slowly worked his dick all the way inside of her.
“Fuck, you’re tight. Hell, baby. I’m not going to last if you keep squeezing me like that.”
She hummed around Vernon’s shaft, making him jerk in her mouth. She did it again, enjoying the feeling of control it gave her to cause him to lose some of his cool restraint. The big man always seemed to keep a tight rein on his feelings.
“Keep that up, you little vixen, and I’m going to come before I’m ready.” Vernon sounded just a little strained to her.
“She’s squeezing my cock like a vise. I don’t think I’m going to last.” Rhodes slowly increased his pace as he stroked in and out of her tight passage.
Nothing could have prepared her for this. She had never been so overwhelmed during sex before. Always before it had been a quick fuck that left her feeling empty and disappointed. Even though she had already come once, her body was gearing up for another climax that promised to rock her world. She sucked on Vernon’s dick as she slipped her other hand down to capture his balls. They were already tight against his body as if he were fighting to keep from coming too soon.
Rhodes tunneled in and out of her, adjusting his angle until he was rubbing over some spot inside of her that had her body screaming in pleasure. Nothing had ever felt as wonderful as the way the two men overwhelmed her senses. Pleasure built sharper and hotter with each stroke of Rhodes’s cock in her cunt and the taste of Vernon’s pre-cum leaking in her mouth. She was going to soar, and nothing would ever take that away from her.

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