Friday, June 14, 2013

RomCon in Colorado Springs, CO

Hey everyone!
I'm going to be at RomCon in Colorado next week beginning Thursday afternoon. If you're in the area, be sure and stop by the Hotel Elegante, formally known as the Crowne Plaza Hotel 2886 South Circle Drive Colorado Springs, CO 80906

I hope to see everyone there! It's going to be a wonderful weekend with lots of fun things to do and great authors to meet.

Also exciting to me is my new cover!

Book three of The Ghost Riders will be out July 5th! I can't wait!

Ginger has her life planned, and it doesn’t include two sexy bikers, but Ajax and Murdock plan to make themselves her ultimate goals. She wants a home, a career, and a family to call her own. She can’t have that living with a bunch of bikers, can she? But how can she get them out of her heart now that they’ve found a way in?

Ajax and Murdock want more than a biker babe to ride with them. They want a woman to love and build a home with. Can they prove to her that happiness isn’t always based on material things? Will she learn to follow her heart instead of a plan?
Someone else sets their sights on Ginger. Keeping her safe could cost them their dream with the woman they love because she thinks they are trying to take away her freedom when all they want to do is give her everything.

See you soon!


  1. Looking forward to getting your books> going to buy them one series at a time.

  2. how do you like them so far? Please let me know what you like the most!