Sunday, June 2, 2013

The Fate of the Children of Space Station One

The children of the newly settled planet, Alpha are growing up—at an alarming rate. Not only that, but there are other strange things about them. Their parents are clinging to the positives that show up, but what about their future? Don’t miss this much asked for book, Planet Alpha’s Secrets to find out more about the children and how the ménage way of life is suiting the families that were thrown together when Earth began to fall apart.

I’ll be working on this book in June. I can’t wait to get started and find out what is going on with them. Can you imagine learning that your children are different? How would that affect you and your husbands?
Keep an eye out for more information as I listen to the characters tell me their story. I'll keep you informed here.  Be sure to check my schedule on my web page at

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