Sunday, July 28, 2013

Now On Pre-Order: Nessa's Two Shifters

I'm so excited to have my first Shifter book up for Pre-Order at Siren. It is scheduled for release on Friday, August 2nd. It is the first book in my new series, Wolf's Pass Shifters.

Convincing his twin to help him claim Nessa Clemmons as their mate is one battle Jessup Shoewater plans to win quickly. Joseph thinks he is too broken to take care of a mate, with or without his twin’s help. Held captive and tortured, Joe thought he’d lost the human side of himself.

Nessa wants to believe Jess and Joe truly care for her, but pledging herself to two men, let alone wolf shifters, seems a little like jumping out of the frying pan into the fire. Having survived years of abuse from her step-brother, Nessa hesitates to trade one familiar situation for another one she knows nothing about.

Can she overcome her fears of inadequacy and the unknown to help Joe learn to trust himself and his ability to control his wolf, or will she turn away from the two men who open up a world of love and acceptance she’s never felt before?

You can download it here:

For an excerpt, read below.
     He couldn’t stand it any longer. Joe bent down and removed her shoes as his twin unfastened her pants. They each took a leg and pulled the material down, letting it pool on the floor. Before he even knew what he was doing, Joseph buried his nose between her legs, inhaling her feminine scent through the crotch of her panties. Her sudden gasp and his brother’s chuckle didn’t faze him in the least. The feel of his teeth elongating drew a growl from him. Without saying a word, he ripped her underwear so that he could jerk it from her body and reach what he’d longed for.

“I’ll handle her top by myself, brother. I can tell you’re a little busy at the moment.” Jessup’s amused voice was lost on him.
All Joe could think about was finding the source of the delicious scent that had his balls aching and his cock twitching. The smell of her arousal had loosened the wolf to the point that he had to give it something or he’d lose complete control. Right now, her juicy pussy called to him in both forms.
The first taste of her when he drew his tongue along her wet slit had his toes curling in ecstasy. Licking her essence from his lips, Joe lost himself in her taste and smell. He attacked her with his mouth, cleaning her thighs where evidence of her arousal glistened on her skin and following it to the source where he made himself comfortable as he dined on her pleasure. Had he not felt her thighs tighten around his shoulders, Joseph might have missed her first orgasm. His brother must be kissing her because the only sound she made was a muffled moan.
“W–why is he growling?” Nessa’s voice shook, pulling Joe back to himself.
He realized his growls hadn’t been low keyed at all, but loud and wild sounding. No doubt she was scared that he would take a bite out of her down there by the sound of them. He cursed, and after taking one last swipe of her juices, Joe lifted his head and kissed the inside of each of her thighs.
“I’m sorry, baby. I didn’t mean to scare you. You taste so fucking amazing. I couldn’t control my wolf’s approval.” He struggled to keep his face as calm as possible as he stared into her eyes.
“It tickles when you growl like that.” Her tentative smile encouraged him that she might not be as scared of him as he’d worried.
“Let’s get you settled on Jess, Nessa. I need to prepare your ass for my cock.” He kissed her belly before backing away.
He watched her face as she finally caught the meaning of what he was talking about. Instead of the fear or loathing he expected to see, she smiled, almost looking eager before she rolled over and he lost sight of her face. She crawled over his brother’s body, straddling him until her pussy was lined up with his twin’s swollen dick. He watched his brother’s face as she slowly sank down, engulfing his thick cock. For the first time in years, Joseph relaxed the strict control he kept over the link between he and Jess, allowing him to feel some of what his brother was feeling in that moment.

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