Thursday, October 3, 2013

One More Day!

Hey all my wonderful friends! One more day till Trusting Her Two Doms is out at Bookstrand. This is book three of my Knights in Black Leather series. It is a BDSM based series that explores the different avenues of the lifestyle from different views. Be sure to check it out!
Maximillian “Max” Dominguez and Sawyer Jernigan stop for coffee and find their perfect woman. The trouble is, they’re Doms who run the local BDSM club, and Taylor Rizzoli’s never tasted the forbidden pleasure of submission.

Max is willing to curb his dark desires for the chance to have her, but Sawyer believes she’s more than up for the challenges they’d have in store for her. They find out someone wants her gone and isn’t worried about how they remove her from the picture.

They are determined to uncover the plot to get rid of her and enlist their new friends to help. Can Taylor accept two men who arouse in her things she’d never have contemplated before meeting them, or will she shy away from what they have to offer? What happens when the threat is gone and it’s just the three of them and a dungeon full of toys?

On another note, I'll have a big announcement at the end of this month. Be sure and check back often for more information. I can't wait to share!

Marla Monroe


  1. Happy Release Day! Hope you have many sales!!!! Getting ready to read your book!!! Will leave a review after I'm done. I'm sure it's great you've never disappointed me.
    Thanks Amy Bowens

  2. Happy release day. I love this series and all your other series too. looking forward to start reading but I wont have time till next weekend.