Thursday, October 24, 2013

Some New Book Info and A Call Out For Help

Okay, just to give you guys a peek at the first book in the new series based in Montana, the heroine has PTSD but it is from an event in her life that happened when she was a teenager. The heroes have to figure out how to overcome this boulder in their path to make her theirs. It's a big one, too.

So....I need some help now. I need votes on what to call my new series as I'm getting ready to finish it and send it to Siren.  Here are the options, please help me out guys!

1.  Montana Wranglers
2.  The Montana Wranglers of Bear Mountain
3.  The Wranglers of Bear Mountain

Okay, give me some help guys! As incentive, here are a few pics of hot cowboys. :-)

So put your thinking caps on and give me some help. Comment below. I'm stuck and on a deadline!



  1. I like #2 or #3..heck, #1 is just as favorite though is 2.