Saturday, January 25, 2014

Where Is My Sunshine?

I'm desperate here. Tired of cloudy nasty days. I need the sun to come out and fill me up with energy. Its hard to think and plan when all you see is doom and gloom on the horizon. Spring, where is your brightly colored rainbow with all of its new life? Hurry up and explode across the sky to chase away the dreary world I'm stuck in.

Ever feel like this? I'm a solar powered kinda woman. I need the sunshine. Love a roaring thunderstorm to blow through a lazy afternoon or wake me in the middle of the night, but they are volatile and only last a short time. These long drawn out dull cloudy days stretch on and on until I'm ready to crawl under the covers and hide.

So here I sit, arguing with myself to just get over it already and write. I've got all the lights on around me to make it feel sunny and my manly inspiration pictures posted on my hunk board. I have no excuses, yet even closing the blinds so I can't see the depressing landscape before me, I know it is there.

Perhaps it is a fitting backdrop for the deeply emotional book I'm writing anyway. It is my challenge to bring them out of the place they've fallen in to one where happiness is found and dreams come true.

My ode to Edgar Allen Poe in a feeble attempt to mimic his depressing writings that always gave me the shivers when I read them. His birthday was the other day. I'm late as usual.

Marla Monroe

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