Saturday, May 24, 2014

Home Sweet Wild and Crazy Home!


I love my mini writer's retreats. They give me a chance to recharge while I write without feeling guilty about something I think I should be doing instead of writing. But once I'm home, I'm glad to be back here, too. I missed my muses who are always doing something to make me laugh. I miss my parents who live with me. What I don't miss is work. :-)  KWIM?  Anyway, there's no place like home.

I mailed out the winners of the fugly stuffed animal contest and hope you enjoy the poor misunderstood things. They could really use a forever home that won't laugh at them nearly as much as I did.

I'm finishing up the first book of my new bear shifter series, Shifting Desires, A Lynx in Their Den. I'm also going to be finishing up book one in the new Sci Fi series spin off of The Men of Space Station One. Remember, there were three planets they were planning to settle? Well this one starts out as the first group of settlers are headed to Omega One only to end up crashing on a different planet that is already inhabited and in a solar system they didn't know about. I haven't named this book or the series yet. It will come to me by the time I finish the book next weekend.

My next projects begin with finishing a book set in New Orleans as part of a continuity series with other authors. It will be centered around Halloween and has me so excited! I can't wait to dive into that one. Besides that one, I will be working on book two of The Wranglers of Bear Mountain.

I will be in Las Vegas, Nevada the first weekend of June. If anyone out there is interested in saying hi, give me a shout out either as a comment here or message me on Facebook. I'm just writing and hope to be joined by more writers to collaborate on a book series we have going.

In the meantime, be sure to grab the next Marla Monroe book when it comes out. Their Border Lands Freedom on June 6th. It will probably be on pre-sale the week before.

As always, play safe but play hard.
Marla Monroe

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