Friday, May 30, 2014

Can you believe we're already on book 12 of the Border Lands series?! That's not the only thing exciting about this next book. "Their Border Lands Freedom" is out for PRE-ORDER now ( ) and I'll be doing a giveaway for the release on June 6th! You can find the release party and giveaway here:
Excited? I know I am! To add to your excitement, here's the book description and adult excerpt ;-)

Their Border Lands Freedom
Lyssa has been a prisoner for seven years before one stranger sets her free and another offers the safety of a family as their women. With a world gone crazy and women only a commodity, she believes they are her best chance at survival, but can she trust them?

Wade and Stanton don’t really know each other very well, but agree to share Lyssa to ensure her freedom and to keep her by their side. Stanton’s lived in the city with few skills relevant to a harsher way of life. Wade was a rancher, working with his hands all his life. Together they provide the safety and security Lyssa needs as they look for a home. Finding a community that will accept them seems impossible with so much ground to cover, but their lives and their hard won freedom depends on it.

As he gazed down at Lyssa’s still-flushed face, Stanton had a moment to worry that he was making the wrong decision to share her with Wade. He glanced over to where the other man remained stretched out next to her, a sated smile evident even in the dim light. Their eyes met and Wade must have seen the uncertainty in his expression because he nodded at him, mouthing that it was “okay.” Stanton wasn’t sure about that, but he had already committed himself to Lyssa and sharing her with Wade. He couldn’t back out now. It would hurt her and he had no intentions of ever letting anyone, including himself or Wade, hurt her again.
Letting the doubt and uncertainty slip away, he lifted her legs over his arms gazed down at her face. There was no doubt there. Nor did he see any fear or worry. Stanton had to let that be enough to assure him that she wanted him. When she suddenly reached up with both hands toward him, something shifted inside of him, and Stanton no longer worried that they had cornered her into something she considered to be the lesser of two evils.
He leaned forward and let her cup his face in her hands before she dropped them to his chest where she stroked him, raking her short nails across his taut nipples. The sensation had him jerking forward so that his aching cock bumped against her pussy.
“Yes,” Lyssa hissed out.
Stanton groaned and reached down, grasping his cock. He rubbed it up and down her saturated slit, teasing them both in the process. He couldn’t stop the groan that eased from his mouth. The feel of all that heated wetness against the crown of his shaft had his balls rolling already.
“Fuck! You’re going to burn me up, darling,” he said through gritted teeth.
Lyssa wrapped her legs around his hips as he slowly pressed forward, sinking his cock a mere inch inside her hot tunnel. He could only imagine how much better it would be when he was all the way inside her tight cunt. Just the thought of it had him easing deeper inside of her. Fear of hurting her kept him from thrusting all the way in right away. She’d said it had been a long time for her, and if she’d not been molested while she’d been in Barter Town, then it had been at least seven years.
“Don’t stop! Please, Stanton. Don’t tease me like this. I want you,” she said as she gasped for breath.
“I don’t want to hurt you, Lyssa. Just relax, darling.”
“You’re not going to hurt me. Fuck me! I need you.”
Stanton was almost at the end of his rope now anyway. Her urging him on even as his balls burned to release had him pushing all the way inside of her until the crown of his dick bumped hard against her cervix. Instead of crying out in pain as he’d expected, Lyssa groaned dug her fingers into his hips, holding him there nestled deep within her fist-tight cunt.
After nearly a full second, Stanton pulled back and slowly sank into her again. Over and over he tunneled deep inside of her, groaning when she squeezed her vaginal muscles around him. Each contraction of her cunt had him fighting to hold back his orgasm. She had to come first. He'd be damned if he shot off like some kid with his first fuck.
The sight of Wade lowering his head to suck on a nipple startled him out of rhythm at first, but the sheer bliss he saw on Lyssa’s face calmed him some. Together they could give her more pleasure than she’d ever had before. He just had to get used to it and remember that she was all that mattered. Her safety and her happiness meant everything to him. If that meant he had to share her with Wade, Stanton could do it.

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