Friday, June 27, 2014

Coming Soon...

Hello everyone. I hope you are all well.

Well, the struggle of writing around a full-time job is rough, but I'm doing my best! Hopefully I will be able to start releasing 2 books per month again soon. I know that you all religiously await my new book announcements and stalk bookstrand until the release dates finally get here like me, so... (drum roll, please) here is my next announcement!

(Their Border Lands Freedom is still out and about, so don't forget about that little gem.)

A LYNX IN THEIR DEN will be released on July 18th, 2014! (I can hear the cheering!) This is actually the first of a new series, Shifting Desires. I hope you all enjoy it as much as I did writing it! (Also my assistant thinks there are some rather hilarious pieces of dialogue.) If you think cats and dogs are enemies, just wait until you see what shenanigans a lynx and some bears produce!


     Creed and his brother, Shayne are bear shifters moving to the Talmadge Community to start their own sleuth, the Talmadge Sleuth of Montana. They’d known since they had been cubs that they would share a mate and bring back the old ways to help stop humans who wanted to control them and hunt them into extinction.
     The first night there they pick up the scent of their mate living right next door to them. Believing it would be a piece of cake to claim her and mate her, they hadn’t expected the wild ride she’d take them on before they’d even put down roots. Not only did she not want to mate with them, but she was being stalked by Rogue Hunters, who they suspected didn’t have a court order to kill her. They are introduced to the local wild dog pack and wolf pack in short order in an effort to keep their intended safe.
     Serenity has no intentions of ever mating and ending up like her best friend, tied to a lynx who only wants her for her ability to spit out kits. Neither is she about to submit to two overbearing males with stars in their eyes. She has a successful business and is fine as she is. When they convince her that they won’t take over her life, it’s her lynx who puts a stop on things when she refuses to allow anal sex since she sees it as the ultimate form of domination. 
     After Serenity runs off to allow them to forget about her and find someone else and they go after her, finding her in the midst of her breeding heat unlike any she’s ever had before, they manage to mate her, binding the three of them together. The lynx was more than happy to have help in that time of her cycle then. With a prophesy that had brought hunters down her and her old rufus in the mix, Serenity has huge changes to adjust to by becoming the Ursa of the Talmadge Sleuth. She knows she can adjust with the help of her two bears.

I have set up an event page on Facebook for the release of A Lynx in Their Den. Here is the link.

On the event page, I will be doing more GIVEAWAYS! Please join the event, and contact me if you have any questions.

Marla Monroe

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