Thursday, June 5, 2014

Time For Another Prize! It's a Miche!

I love these bags. They are so much fun to change out the different covers and never have to empty out  my purse unless I just want to.  So, for everyone who shares my blog and/or my post on my event page  I will put your name in the pot for the drawing tomorrow for a brand new Miche bag which is the base and a cover!  Here are a few for you to see what they can look like.

So go out there and share, share, share all about my new book Their Border Lands Freedom!
Tessa Green isn’t looking for one man much less two, but Zander Keys and Tag Hodges aren’t taking no for an answer where she’s concerned. She’s just getting on her feet after fleeing one controlling boyfriend. Why would she risk her hard won independence with two Doms? They are members of the local BDSM club and the epitome of controlling men.
Zander and Tag know Tessa is the woman for them the moment they saw her. She’s gorgeous even if she is on the thin side, but a little tender loving care would take care of that. They try to convince her to go out but find she’s not willing to take the chance. After nearly a year of keeping their distance, they set out to show her that allowing someone to care for her and dominate her pleasure isn’t the same thing as dictating her life.

Can they convince her before she runs again?
Need a few more to look at?

Marla Monroe

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