Thursday, November 27, 2014

Black Friday Blues.

Don't fight the crowds and end up with bruises and nothing worth the hassle out of all of it. Shop at home from the comfort of your jammies and the computer or your tablet or smart phone. It's all at
your fingertips now.

Finding Love Between Terror and Rage
Book One in the new MC Series
The Howling Death MC

Mia knows they’re dangerous men, but Terror and Rage make her feel alive for the first time since her husband’s murder, where she nearly died. Though she carries the scars of the attack, she has moved on. One glimpse of the new bikers in town and she can’t stop thinking about them.
Terror and Rage are instantly attracted to the dark-haired beauty who serves them drinks. They try to stay away from her for her own protection while they rebuild The Howling Death M.C. When people start to die and a rival M.C. threatens their town, they can’t ignore the threat to her and intervene. They will do anything to protect her and make her theirs.
Mia has to decide if living a dull but safe life is enough for her, or if she wants to find love between the two men who make her feel alive.
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Finding Them
Book 6 of the Riverbend, Texas Heat Series

Sierra is in over her head. She has more responsibilities than she can handle, two sisters in college, and a ranch under foreclosure. All she’s been able to do for the last eight years is take care of everyone else.
Rollan and Thorne are new to the area but are instantly attracted to Sierra, with her quiet strength and sensual beauty. More than anything, they want to see her happy. When they find out she’s being blackmailed with her ranch, the men come up with a plan where they can spend more time trying to convince her that they are meant to be a family.

Sierra’s unexpected attraction to the two men is baffling. She’s afraid to trust her instincts where they’re concerned but accepts their offer of help, putting herself close enough to get burned. Are Rollan and Thorne the answer to her prayers, or will they be her downfall?
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  1. Loved the The Howling Death MC Series. When is the next one going to be out? Thanks!