Thursday, November 13, 2014

Like Hot, Edgy Biker Books? I've Got One For You

If you like edgy, hard hitting biker books with a central love story, you're going to love my new series, The Howling Death MC. The first book, Finding Love Between Terror and Rage, is on pre-order right now! BUY ME 

Mia knows they’re dangerous men, but Terror and Rage make her feel alive for the first time since her husband’s murder, where she nearly died. Though she carries the scars of the attack, she has moved on. One glimpse of the new bikers in town and she can’t stop thinking about them.
Terror and Rage are instantly attracted to the dark-haired beauty who serves them drinks. They try to stay away from her for her own protection while they rebuild The Howling Death M.C. When people start to die and a rival M.C. threatens their town, they can’t ignore the threat to her and intervene. They will do anything to protect her and make her theirs.
Mia has to decide if living a dull but safe life is enough for her, or if she wants to find love between the two men who make her feel alive.
Don't miss my new Website going live soon! I'll have a forum where we can chat about books and I'll post excerpts as well as some trivia about the books. We'll also meet a new author each month and explore their books. If you're like me, finding a new author that you love to read helps fill in the down time when the ones I already read don't have a book out yet!
Check My New Site Out on Saturday and Sunday for a new look and chances to win prizes with the unveiling. It will be down a short time on Saturday at some point to re-load! I can't wait to get to talk with you in an easier venue than checking comments.
Also coming soon is a new book, Finding Them from The River Bend, Texas Heat series. More on that later!

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