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Their Forever Home

Vella's  decision on whether to accept Carver as her other husband will determine if Carver can stay at the compound or has to leave. How can she turn away from one of the men who saved her life not once, but twice and never showed her anything but kindness?
Outside of the compound winter is about to strike and few men would be able to survive it without having made preparations in advance. Seeing Carver walk out into the surrounding woods would surely break her. No. Vella loved him and if that meant overlooking the fact that he'd once been a member of the Bondsmen who'd killed her brother and the only family she'd had left then that was what she was prepared to do.
Find out what happens next in book thirteen of Men of the Border Lands. A new era has begun on an Earth ravaged by thousands of storms, fires, floods, and famine. The diseases that swept over the survivors afterwards finished off the remainder of the weak. Now all that was left were those nature deemed smart enough and  brave enough to have survived.

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Read an excerpt here:

“No more talk, guys,” Lance said as he settled between her legs once more. “I’m hungry and she’s lying here spread open like a feast before me. I’m not wasting one second of this.”
She gasped as Lance’s tongue flicked over her clit in rapid movements that had her digging her fingers into the blankets to the hard cave rock underneath. He sank two fingers into her cunt this time and as he pumped them and sucked on her clit, pressure built deep in her womb, yet the friction wasn’t quite enough. Vella lifted one hand and scratched down the center of Carver’s chest.
“Please. I need something. I’m so close already,” she pleaded.
Carver growled before taken one of her nipples in his mouth while squeezing the other with his fingers. His teeth worried the swollen nub even as he twisted the other nipple between his fingers. Vella exploded all over them.
“Yes!” she screamed. “Lance, so good. Carver. God, Carver!”
“Give it all to us, babe,” Carver demanded. 
She couldn’t stop the tremors that racked her body as she slowly came down from the best orgasm of her life. If that felt that amazing, how much better would actual intercourse be? She was almost too worried to find out. Almost, but not quite enough to put a stop to their play.
Vella lay panting with her eyes closed. She didn’t have the energy to open them until someone covered her body with theirs. They snapped open at the barely there weight to find Carver staring down at her.
“I want a taste of you before Lance fucks you. That little taste wasn’t nearly enough to satisfy me, babe. I can see I’m going to spend a lot of time buried in your sweet pussy, Vella.” Carver claimed her mouth as only he could do.
The aggressive way he took control of the kiss from the very beginning turned her own in so many ways. The soft growl ramped up her arousal even though she’d just had an orgasm worth writing home about. Carver almost forced her to accept his tongue and the desperate attack it waged in her mouth. No spot was unclaimed as he slowly withdrew only to nibble on her lips before he pulled back to stare at her again.
Before she managed to ask him what he was looking at, Carver kissed and bit his way down her body until spread her legs even farther apart than Lance had. If he ate her pussy anything like how he kissed, Vella was pretty sure she’d come again. The man didn’t do anything half way or slow and easy.
“Fuck me, you smell like heaven,” Carver snarled just before he ran his tongue from slit to clit and back down again.
“Oh. My. God!” It was all she managed to get out before he’d stabbed her pussy with his thick tongue, fucking her with it like a battering ram.
Even as he penetrated her cunt with two fingers, Carver growled against her clit, sending sharp zings straight to her center. Vella was sure she was leaking her juices faster than he could lap them up. Her thighs felt wet from his mouth and her cream. She couldn’t remember the last time she’d gotten so turned on. She wasn’t even sure she ever had.
“So damn good, babe. I could lick your sweet juices all day,” he said in a growly voice.
“Come on, Carver. That’s enough. You’re going to have her so swollen I won’t be able to get inside of her without it being uncomfortable for her,” Lance said.
Vella sighed when Carver released her clit in both disappointment and dread. Lance was right, much more stimulation and she’d be too swollen for either one of them to get inside her. She really wanted that to happen. All three of them needed that connection to get started bonding.
Who am I kidding? I want to feel them inside of me. I can’t even begin to imagine what it will feel like to take them both at the same time.
If she were honest with herself, Vella would admit that she was a little frightened of trying that. She had no doubt that they would understand and go slow with her. She was sure Lance would and Carver would follow his lead.
“Damn you’re addictive, woman,” Carver said on a huff just before he moved back.
Vella wasn’t sure what to expect next. When Lance took her face in both of his hands she wanted to rub her cheeks against the callused palms. This felt right to her. The feel of his rough skin and the heat of his now nude body pressed against hers, skin to skin was nearly her undoing. The intimacy of the moment choked her up and without thinking about it, she reached out to Carver, needing to touch him as well.
For a second she didn’t think he would take her offered hand, but then his much larger hand enclosed hers. In that moment, a spark seemed to travel through them where they touched, linking them together just as Lance pressed his cock inside her wet slit.
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