Friday, January 2, 2015

Their New Year's Resolution Available Now!

Single, divorced mom with three children. Sound familiar? There are a lot of them out there, struggling to make ends meet with no time for love and no delusions that there are any good men left.

Maybe not one, but could there be two?  Available now for download, Their New Year's Resolution.

Erica wasn’t exactly looking for love, but a new friend wouldn’t be bad either. But what if there were two, and they wanted to share? She didn’t think the small community would approve. She depended on them for her business and that kept her three children clothed and fed. Erica was in a bind.
Brent and Kent just moved to town buying one of the ranches in the area. They wanted a big family Thanksgiving with all of their brothers, sisters, and families there to celebrate. They needed help. One look at Erica when she arrived to help them get ready, and their hearts were committed. But what about hers?

In order to become a family, they had to overcome Erica’s fear of losing her business and the guy’s worry she would resent them if she did. A little Christmas magic and some revised goals just might do the trick.

Sexy Excerpt: Warning, 18+ Only"

Kent walked over to where his brother stepped out of his underwear totally nude and completely comfortable that way. When Brent stood up to his full height, it was like looking at twin images of one man only there were subtle differences if she really looked. Brent had just a little more thickness in his arm and leg muscles than his twin. Kent’s skin was maybe a shade lighter than Brent’s was. Though both men were built like Adonis on steroids, Brent was just a little more cut and Kent was just a little more relaxed than his brother.
Even without the differences in their hair length, Erica was sure she would know them anywhere. Given time to explore their bodies in much more detail, she was sure she would even know the difference if blind folded and that thought led to another one a little kinkier.
Finally, she allowed her eyes to feast on their cocks and moaned out loud to her utter embarrassment. But damn! They were beautiful. Both men had long thick dicks that had a slight curve. Heavy balls with just a dusting of hair hung between their legs as the stalks of their cocks pointed almost directly at her. It took all of her determination to lift her eyes from their amazing packages to meet their heavy lidded eyes.
As if that had been some secret signal to them, they pounced. She had no idea who removed what item of clothing, but before she realized it, Erica was as nude as they were, only her clothes had been folded and left on the dresser where theirs lay where they’d dropped it.
“You are so damn beautiful, Erica. I will never get tired of looking at you,” Brent said.
“One of the perks of there being two of us is that one of us can always lay back watch your face when you come while the other brings you there. But this time, we both want to hold you and get our cocks deep inside of you,” Kent told her.
“Have you ever had anal sex before?” Brent asked her. His voice had deepened as he ran his hands up and down her abdomen.
“Y–Yes. I didn’t like it, but I’ll try with you if you want me to,” she said.
“Babe, I can assure you we’ll make it good for you, but if it hurts we’ll stop, okay?” Brent’s strained voice told her he was more turned on than he appeared. She loved that they wanted her that much.
“Okay. I trust you,” she said. And she did. Deep down, Erica knew they wouldn’t hurt her.
“Fuck! That is the sweetest thing you could have ever said to me, babe.” Brent kissed her, sweeping his tongue into her mouth to tease hers before he pulled back and nipped at her neck.
“I’ve got to taste her before we get started, Brent. That one quick suck of her fingers last time wasn’t enough.” Kent moved down to the foot of the bed where he slipped between her legs and spread them so his shoulders would fit.
Brent pulled one of her legs higher with his hand then licked and teased her nipples while his brother blew hot hair across her wet pussy lips. All Erica could do in that moment was close her eyes and enjoy what they were doing to her. Every lick, every nip sent her senses spiraling higher and higher. She was sure she'd explode if they didn’t do something soon. Ever cell in her body was on fire.
“Please. Oh, God! I need you. I need you both so much,” she said.
Kent’s tongue continued to circle her clit then swipe more of her juices from her slit before returning to torment the little bundle of nerves again. Brent’s mouth mauled her breasts, biting just hard enough to make her squirm with pleasure. She didn’t know if she was trying to pull away from him or move closer. All she did know was that she’d never been so turned on or felt so loved in her life. This was what sex was supposed to be like between lovers.

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