Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Welcome Everyone my first blog post. My author page is up at Siren and my two books are listed as coming soon. I hope you will look for them in the months to come.

A little about me.

I love to read, write, garden, and travel. Who are my favorite authors? Lora Leigh, Jenny Penn, Maya Banks to name a few. I'm all about sensual reading. I write erotic romance. Sometimes a little suspense gets thrown in the mix. Love me some excitment with a sexy twist.

What do I do for fun you ask? Snicker....I enjoy writing about sex. Then there is the research. Have to do your research before you can write about it. I have a wonderful research partner or two. ;-)

So, for now I'll leave you to get back to writing. I'll have more to chat about this weekend. Be sure to look me up and find out a little about what I have coming out in January.

Marla Monroe

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