Saturday, October 9, 2010

Available Soon

Hi everyone!
I'm all excited because I have a new e-book coming out October 15th at
It's entitled, Tight Laced.  The heroine is an uptight busy executive who likes being in control. Unfortunately that means in the bedroom as well as in the boardroom. It turns a lot of men off. Her roommate talks her into a night out with his boyfriend and the three go to a trendy club to dance. It isn't long before she's dancing with a hunk of a guy. Could he be the one to break through her shields to tame her or will she remain tight laced?

I hope you will read Tight Laced and let me know here what you think. I have three coming out at Siren in January, February and March. I'll keep you informed on them. I'm real excited about working with the wonderful editors there.

So, what is going on here? I'm finishing up book two of The Protectors. The first book comes out with Siren in February. It is entitled, Long Lonely Nights. The series is about a group of old Army buddies who find themselves in a position of protecting someone they are falling in love with. Their recent stints in the Army has left them jaded and in some cases, physically or mentally wounded. Can the love of a good woman heal them?

Oh, and I'm reading FourPlay by Maya Banks. I'm really enjoying it. If you love multiple partners, you'll love her book. I highly recommend it.

So, must get back to writing. I'm looking forward to hear from everyone out there. Be sure to leave me a comment about what you want to see in an erotic book. I love to know what to work on next!
Marla Monroe

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