Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Knights in Black Leather Book Two in the Works

Hey guys! I'm working on Book Two of the "Knights in Black Leather" series and it's going great so far! No name as of yet, but I'll let you guys know when I figure it out :-) I'm sure you're all wondering what the second book is about, so I'll give you a little information to give you the idea. :-)

The two brothers, Steve and Ben Tyler, have difficulty sharing. They are as different as brothers can be- Steve owns Heavy Trinkets and Ben is a veterinarian. They do have one thing in common- both men have it bad for Stacey Addison. Steve, who is heavy into BDSM, goes after Stacey, intent on making her his submissive. Ben doesn't think Steve is treating her right and wants her for his own. Stacey loves both men, but she won't make a decision or come between the brothers so she backs away from them. Steve and Ben will have to join forces and agree to share before someone else takes away what they consider theirs.

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