Sunday, March 17, 2013

Monday Blues on Sunday Night

Yep, it's Sunday evening and I'm wishing it were Friday already. I've got a good job, but it takes me away from what I love to do, reading and writing. We all would rather be doing something else besides working. Still, it provides me with more than insurance and vacations. It also is where I see one of my friends everyday and it has proved to be an interesting source of ideas for my books, so I really shouldn't let it bring me down on Sunday nights.

Sometimes when I'm working, a brilliant idea for a book will pop into my head and I pull out my trusty notebook to quickly write it down before it drifts away from me. Then I spend the next twenty minutes trying to get back into whatever I was working on. That idea is bubbling in my subconscious, daring me to stop and give it life. I fight it, but it is persistent.

Once I get home and am sitting at my computer, the damn thing plays hide and seek with me. Grrrrr. I bet a lot of you have that problem out there as well. I can just about touch it and just as soon as my brain locates it, the thing slips away again. Aghghg. 

I move on to something else until time for bed. Then when I climb into bed and pull the covers up, the blasted idea sneaks out to taunt me. Sleep or write, sleep or write.....

So, the next day, I'm nodding at my desk and trying not to snore so that anyone hears me when my boss decides to spend the day in our building. Yep, writers have sucky days too.

What am I working on? Right now, it's a book in the River Bend, Texas Heat series. Angela is just about to start working for Travis and Randy Woods. She is going to be their office manager/bookkeeper on their ranch. Wonder what the guys have planned for her?

Here is what I'm looking at tonight. Enjoy!

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