Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Striving to Be Better Than My Last Book

It has come to my attention that my writing is wilting. I'm not giving you what you need and failing to jerk the emotions out of you hard enough. My heart is heavy. So, I'm stepping back and looking at what is different in my life that needs to be corrected. I as a reader know the need for being pulled into a book until you can't bear to put it down.

I pulled out some authors who did this for me and searched to see what I am missing and got lost in Acheron by Sherrilyn Kenyon then moved on to her Born in books until I was washed out and worn out from all of the emotions bombarding me. That is what I'm missing. I may never reach the depth and height that this woman and many others like her achieve, but I will proceed ever forward in that quest.

The books even now being edited haunt me as I know they will not reach your heart and soul like I want to, but from now on, I will write my heart and soul into each book.

I will research each one until I am too sore to move and enjoy every minute of it. Every new experience that I undertake will add to my writing. I will surround myself with inspirational pictures like these...
and study each inch of delectable skin until I can feel it against me so I can describe it to you. Feel free to send me your favorite heroes that I might present them to you in a future book. I pledge to keep you updated on this first book from my imagination as I'm BACK IN THE SADDLE AGAIN!       themarlamonroe @ yahoo. com

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