Monday, April 1, 2013

Decisions - Decisions

How do you decide what to write next when you have so many options? I have several different series going now and picking which one to write on next drives me crazy.

  •             The Men of The Border Lands
  •             The Men from Space Station One
  •             The Ghost Riders
  •             Riverbend, Texas Heat
  •             Knights in Black Leather
Then there is The Protector Series
Charlotte’s Master, which is Butch’s story from Nina’s Neighbor


I also have a few new series that I have started working on

  • One features shape shifting wolves
  • One is based in the Tennessee Mountains

So what do I do? Flip a coin or draw names or close my eyes and point? One thing I do know, I have to get started on it soon. The days will slip past before I know it. As soon as I decide on the next book, I’ll let you all know.
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  1. Granted I am not published, but I have several things going and I have found when I can't decide is to let the characters decide for me. I go for a walk and clear my mind, the first characters that pop in my head and set a scene are the ones that are up next.

    1. Actually, that is what I do. I might not go for a walk, but I read or do something different and wait for the characters to talk to me. Sometimes they fight in my head though and that is never pretty. :-)