Friday, April 5, 2013

The Ghost Riders - Book Three

I decided to write book three of The Ghost Riders this month. Ajax and Murdock were speaking to me. Ginger is going to make them earn her affections. When Jessie and her guys, Vernon and Rhodes settle down in Reo to build their home, she begs Ginger to move back so they can be together. Since she believes that Ajax and Murdock are heading back to Las Vegas where they were from, she agrees. She's looking forward to having her best friend close by again and starting over.

Guess what? Ajax and Murdock weren't going back home to stay. They were merely tying up loose ends with their charter there so they could transfer to Reo into Dominic and Reece's MC. Wonder how that is going to go over with Ginger when she finds out?

Ginger is going to live up to her name, as in being feisty where the guys are concerned. I'm looking forward to learning more about these three characters as I go.

I'm also gearing up for May's Romantic Times Booklovers Convention in Kansas City. Have part of a basket started and trying to decide what books to include in it. Anyone going this year? I hope you'll stop by and see me either in club RT or at the Giant Book Expo. I'll post times and locations closer to the day.

Off to write some more before bedtime. I'm going car shopping tomorrow. Not sure if I'll actually jump into a new one or not, but need to consider it.

I'm leaving you with a little something to look at. This is how I see Ajax in my head. He's a mixture of these two guys. Intense.

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