Friday, April 12, 2013

Putting the Office Back Together

So the office got a makeover and it is finally ready to be put back to rights. It's a long slow process though as we put ceramic tile down and all that tile dust is on EVERYTHING!!!  Lots and lots of dusting and washing things down.

Here are the initial pictures...

Notice that the walls are a cheerful net soothing shade of green. I like green :-)  The ceramic tile looks great and will be so much easier to clean. I have to get a plastic floor mat to put under my chair though.
So next comes washing down the floor one more time then dusting and washing down the shelves and other furniture that belongs in there.  I have copies of my books for give aways and other goodies to give away that I keep on the shelves. I also have some favorite books and some research books on the shelves.
Here are some pictures of what it looks like now. I still have some organizing to do and another table that goes in there next to the file cabinet, but it's closer to being finished.

And this is one of my many muses. Little. He's very old and bony, but helps me by keeping the back of my office chair in place. I'm sure without him it would be beating me when I try to write.
I'll be back writing tomorrow and then on Sunday, it will be back to cleaning and organizing once again.

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